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If you have DISH Network, you will be able to find the Outdoor Channel on channel 396.

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Q: What channel is the outdoor channel when you have dish network?
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What are the outdoor sports channels on Dish Network?

The Outdoor Sports package on Dish Network can be found on channel 161, 394 (World Fishing), 395 (Sportsman), 396 (Outdoors Channel), and 9483 (Sportsman HD).

What are the hunting channels numbers on dish?

The World Fishing Network is on channel 394, Sportsman is on channel 395, and the Outdoor Channel is on 396. Thanks.

What channel is barbie on for dish network?

At this time DISH Network is not currently offering the Barbie Channel. channel 9645 and 095

What channel is E! On dish?

Channel 114 on Dish Network.

Does Dish Network offer any sports packages?

Yes, Dish Network does offer a sports package. The package has a variety of networks such as MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL RedZone, Neo Cricket, and Outdoor Channel.

What channel is CHN on dish network?

DISH Network does not offer a CHN channel, if you are referring to the channel; CTN- Christian Television Network then that can be found on channel 9399.

Does dish network get media com channel?

No, DISH Network does not currently offer a Mediacom channel.

What channel is Impact Network on Dish?

The Impact Network can be found on channel 4395 or 9397 with DISH.

What channel is nickelodeon on dish network?

If you have DISH Network you will be able to find Teen Nick on channel 181.

What dish network channel is universal sports network?

Dish Network just added Universal Sports on Channel 402.

What channel is the Oprah network on?

The OWN Network is on channel 189 on DISH Network.

What channel is tnt on dish?

TNT is on Channel 138 on Dish Network