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That occurs in

Book 2 either chapter 7, or chapter 8 (im not sure which)

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What does chapter 8 foreshadow in the Tale of Two Cities?

The death of the Marquis. The sunset makes it seem like he has blood on himself.

What is the chateau in A Tale of Two Cities?

The place where the Marquis lived.

In A Tale of Two Cities why was Marquis killed?

Gaspard stabbed the Marquis for running over his son with his carriage and killing him.

Who was hanged as a murderer of an aristocrat in A Tale of Two Cities?

Gaspard was executed for the death of the marquis.

How was Charles Darnay related to Monsieur the Marquis in the story A Tale of Two Cities?

In the story Charles Darnay was the nephew of the Marquis , but he gave up his title, to the anger of the marquis.

What is the first chapter of A Tale of Two Cities talking about?

Generally it is talking about the conditions of the cities which are disbalanced

In the Tale of Two Cities who is Charles darney really?

Darnay is really the Marquis Everemonde's nephew.

What chapter is Gabelle talked about in A Tale of Two Cities?

In book the second's chapter 23 Fire Rises.

What event happens last in A Tale of Two Cities?

The people attacked the carriage and threatened to kill the Marquis.

What does darnay accuse his uncle of in A Tale of Two Cities?

abominable treatment of the people. and he renounces his uncle the Marquis

Who is the marquis saint evremonde in Tale of Two Cities?

He is the uncle of Charles Darnay. Darnay disowns him the night that the Marquis runs over a child in the town. The Marquis is killed later in the same night.

What happened to Monsieur the Marquis in tale of 2 cities?

Monsier the Marquis was assassinated by Gspard. Gaspard killed him because he ran over his child and the Marquis blamed Gaspard for not watching over his kid.

Who is madame defarge in A Tale of Two Cities?

The wife of Monsieur Defarge, sister of the girl raped by the Marquis, sister of the boy killed by the Marquis, and a cold blooded b----.

What is the movable framework in the Tale of Two Cities first chapter?

The moveable framework within that first chapter refers to the guilliotine.

Who is assassinated in A Tale of Two Cities and why?

The Marquis was assassinated by Gaspard , the father of the child that the Marquis ran over. After the Marquis ran over the child, he blamed gaspard for not watching over his children. He threw a coin at gaspard

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