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Miss Mary King is introduced in Chapter 24 of Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice". She is initially mentioned as a potential love interest for Mr. Bingley but ultimately becomes engaged to Mr. Wickham.

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Q: What chapter is Miss Mary King introduced in Pride and Prejudice?
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Wickham is after her money. Miss King is the only available woman in Meryton who has any money. She has just inherited 10,000 pounds.

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Her name is Mary King. We do not see a lot of her. She first appears as a young woman who dances with Bingley, in Chapter 3. Later, in Chapter 26, we find that she has acquired a fortune of ten thousand pounds, and that Wickham has given up courting Elizabeth for her. Elizabeth realizes when this happens, that she is not seriously attached to Wickham, as she can view the whole without much regret. Mary King is mentioned once again in Chapter 36, when Lydia tells Elizabeth that she has been taken away to Liverpool by her uncle, and so Wickham's intentions toward her have come to an end.

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Kitty and Lydia reveal to Lizzy that Wickham is not to marry Mary King after all, and is, therefore, in their words, safe.

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