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What character died on Gone With the Wind?


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Six important characters die in "Gone with the Wind". They are Ellen, Gerald, Melanie, Charles, Frank Kennedy, and Bonnie.

Ellen Robillard Ohara - Mother of Scarlett, Suellen. Wife to Gerald Ohara. Mistress of Tara plantation. Of French descent. Coastline aristocrat. Dies when Scarlett is away in Atlanta.

Gerald Ohara - Father of Scarlett, Suellen. Owner of Tara Plantation. Husband to Ellen Robillard Ohara. Of Irish descent, born overseas. Becomes insane after death of wife, and dies by falling off horse while jumping dangerous fence.

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes - Wife of Ashley Wilkes. Mistress of Twelve Oaks Plantation. Sister to late Charles Hamilton, the first husband of Scarlett Ohara. Mother to Beaux Wilkes. Dies in second pregnancy, warned by Dr. Meade.

Charles Hamilton - First husband to Scarlett Ohara. Brother to Melanie Hamilton-Wilkes. Dies in Civil War, childless.

Frank Kennedy - Second husband to Scarlett Ohara-Hamilton. Former lover of Suellen Ohara, the younger sister of Scarlett. Dies while avenging the prevented assault on Scarlett. Dies childless.

Eugenia Victoria Buttler - Better know as Bonnie. Daughter to Rhett Butler and Scarlet Ohara Kennedy. Spoiled by Rhett. Dies jumping over a fence with her pony, just like her grandfather, Gerald Ohara.