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Most minstrels had the following traits:

  • good at music
  • a performer
  • adventurous
  • good with people
  • good survival skills

They had to travel all over the countryside singing and playing for different towns, so they had to survive on their own and be good at their job.

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Q: What character traits do you have to be a medieval minstrel?
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The medieval minstrel was known as a gleeman. They were common in medieval Europe.

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Alan-a-dale, the minstrel friend of Robin Hoods

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The function of a minstrel was to sing, not to fight.

What is the daily life of a medieval minstrel?

They were slaves that played music for the kings and there familys: There were two types of Medieval Musicians - the Minstrels and the Troubadours. The Minstrels - A minstrel was a servant first employed as a castle or court musician. A Medieval Bard. The name 'minstrel' means a "little servant". The Minstrel was not as refined or poetic as the Troubadour. The role of the Minstrel often required many different skills including: Juggling Acrobatics Dancing Fire eating Conjuring Playing Musical Instruments Reciting poems Singing Buffoonery which led to roles as jesters Animal trainers - including animals such as dogs and monkeys in their shows

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