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Character traits are revealed by the actions and description of the character.

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Q: How are character traits revealed?
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Reread the account of Liberty 5-3000 of Anthem on page 38 What character traits are revealed in this brief description?

The character traits revealed about Liberty 5-300 on page 38, is that Liberty 5-3000 keeps to herself, is quiet, peaceful, and she doesn't complain that much about what she is doing and/or what she has to do.

3. identify the foil for each of the three main characters then choose one of these foils and explain how the character brings out the personality traits of the protagonist be specific about those traits and how they are revealed?

The protagonist is the positive role in the story. So basically just say the foils and then add how the traits were revealed.

What character traits are revealed on page 38 of anthem?

examples of the ways in wich this society tries to obliterate each individual's mind

What you can find out about phrenology?

pseudoscience which involves the measurement of bumps on the skull to predict mental traits. ...that supposedly revealed information about a person's character and tendencies.

The author directly states the character's traits?

Character Traits

What character traits did James bowie have?

what character traits did james bowie have

What are Jordan's character traits?

His character traits include determination, will, and kindness.

What character traits does sugar have?

Since sugar is not a person, it does not have character traits.

What is the definition of character traits?

A character trait is a characteristic of a person such as honest, dishonest, greedy, etc.

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