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DVD and CD share both UDF file system

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Q: What characteristics do the DVD and CD drives share?
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What characteristics do DVD and CD drives share?

DVD and CD share both UDF file system

Are CD drives the same as DVD drives?

No. CD drives are only capable of reading CDs, not DVDs. Most DVD drives can read CDs as well.

Where can you buy DVD CD drives?

One can buy dvd cd drives online through sites such as Amazon and eBay. Stores like Staples and Best Buy also sell dvd cd drives. Target and Sears, some locations, also sell dvd cd drives.

CD and DVD drives are examples of?

CD & DVD are examples of Secondary Storage Devices.

Can CD-ROM drives and DVD-ROM drives can both read CD-R media and DVD movies?

Most DVD drives can read both CD-R and DVDs. However, CD-ROM drives, which were designed before DVDs became standard, cannot read DVDs.

What is the difference between a CD and DVD drive?

CD drives can only read CD. DVD are written a different way, but most DVD drives are backwards compatible with the CD format, so they usually can read both formats.

Do notebooks have CD drives?

Most of them. It is typically netbooks, which are smaller and mainly for internet, that do not have CD/DVD drives.

Are CD drives or DVD drives more common?

CD drivers and DVD drivers are both equally common. CD drives is a drive that reads a compact disc and that is connected to an audio system. A DVD drive is an optical disc storage media format.

What are CD and DVD burners?

CD & DVD burners are optical drives that can write data to CDs or DVDs.

What are the similarities between CD and DVD drives?

Penis is the answer to this question.

How many CD or DVD drives does your system have?

Mine has 1 but my system can hold up to 4 DVD drives at once

What are the major components of CPU?

CD and DVD Drives, Ram , Hard Drives , Motherboard

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