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Sampson, Gregory, Montague, Benvolio, Tybalt and Prince Escalus


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The opening scene shows areas around the high school (Shermer High School), representing each of the main characters.

NO, the prince did. He says who ever start a fight again is gone beheaded

In the fight in Act 1 Scene 1, Abram and Balthazar are the Montagues.

the opening scene where the gangs dance fight until the police breaks it up

what was the fossil in the opening scene in journey to the center of the earth

The opening scene informs the reader about Katniss, her love for Prim, her mother and of course Gale. It also lets us know about the Hunger Games - what it is and why people loath it. It's just a scene that gets you started in on the book, informing you about the characters and the Hunger Games, itself. Hope this helped.

The opening scene in the beach was shot in curracloe, wexford, Ireland

In the interest of accuracy, Juliet does not appear in the opening scene of the play. Her first entrance is Act I, Scene 3.

The opening scene is Scout recalling things that happened in her childhood in Maycomb, Alabama.

At the opening of the scene Anthony Octavius and Lepidus are plotting who shall die

It would be the opening scene ...

Tense and belligerent. The Capulets are looking for a fight, but they are waiting to see whether the odds are on their side before they start it.

baseball and fight scene

A striking opening scene must have a vivid setting and a strong atmosphere. You can't have a great opening scene if the reader has no idea where and when the story takes place.

I have the opening line in the second scene!

Shakespeare creates a ere, ominous, dark, evil tone in the opening scene

why do the servants argue in the opening scene of act one in romeo and juilet

You might be thinking about the opening scene of "A Knight's Tale", a movie starring Heath Ledger that incorporated rock music in a medieval setting. Queen's "We Will Rock You" was featured in this movie.

well ,this fight never happened during the series or the movies. The only time gogeta fought in dragon ball z is the movie " Fusion Reborn" . But there is actually a scene when Gogeta has a fight against broly. The scene was only from Dragon ball kai opening and ending . So which means the fight never happened but only a scene created for the " dragon soul" and " yeah break care break" songs.

Shakespeare creates a ere, ominous, dark, evil tone in the short opening scene.

The opening scene of animal farm was when Old Major was giving his speech.This speech was about the rebellion.This was his dream, he said.

A few minutes after the end of scene 3, perhaps!

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