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According to the BBQ Guys website, the best charcoal powered BBQ smoker is the Medina River backyard smoker grill. They also had a list of better smokers that were electric powered.

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Q: What charcoal BBQ smoker is the best on the market today?
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what is the best charcoal grill to buy?

There are several highly rated charcoal grills to buy. Some of bbqguys' best selling charcoal grills include the Primo ceramic smoker grill, bbq guys built in 30 inch grill, and Medina river backyard large smoker grill.

Finding the Right Smoker?

There are many different kinds of smokers on the market to choose from. When you are looking for a smoker barbecue grill, you will want to consider what type it is, the ease in usability, and affordability. The prices on smokers range drastically from under a hundred bucks to well into the thousands. Smokers that are notorious for having the best flavor are the ones that use charcoal. For the best ease and consistency in use, go for an electric smoker

Where can I find the best deal for a new barbecue smoker grill? has various smoker grills at amazing prices. they have wood, charcoal, propane, and electric smokers in a variety of sizes and colors

Can an electric smoker cook certain foods better?

There are great recipes that use the modern electric smoker. Traditionally the charcoal and wood smoker variety are the best but now electric works well also. Go to electricsmokers dot com.

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Why A Vertical Water Smoker Might Be The Best BBQ Smoker?

Some professional chefs and barbecue experts consider a vertical water smoker the best BBQ smoker available. This unit is different from the more common offset smoker. A vertical water smoker is basically a box that has wood, charcoal or electrical elements in the bottom. A pan of water rests above this heat source. The top of the box is a small closet-like area where meat can be set on racks or hung. The smoker keeps meat very moist over long periods of time and is very simple to use.

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