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This chemical is glucose.


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What process stores chemical energy in organic compound

An organism stores energy in the form of fat.

If you manage to rearrange the atoms in some other way, so that you get energy out of it, you can say that the compound "stores energy". This would mean that the compound you are considering has a HIGHER energy level than if you arrange atoms some other way.But for most purposes, carbon dioxide has a LOWER energy content than if you separate it, for example, into carbon and oxygen.

Mainly in living organism Lipids and carbohydrates are used to store energy.They have chemical bonds which internally store energy and when they are broken down energy is released.

It stores chemical energy and when you burn wood, that chemical energy is converted to light energy and heat energy.

ATP stores and transfers chemical energy in cells. The ATP molecule is very important in chemical processes as it will facilitate the energy required.

Because ATP stores chemical energy in its chemical bonds.

There are two chemicals, ATP and ADP which store energy for later use in living cells.

A battery stores chemical energy which is released in the form of electricity.

It stores energy until a cell needs it. The ATP is an example of chemical potential energy because it stores energy. This energy is stored until cells are in need.

An example of something that stores chemical energy is the human body. The body needs certain chemicals to function and stores them whenever it gets them.

A battery stores chemical energy which can be converted to electrical energy on demand. Any fuel (gasoline, wood,fuel oil, etc) stores chemical energy which is released as heat when burned.

The rose stores Chemical energy

No it stores potential energy.

yes it does Glucose stores chemical energy in a concentrated, stable form.

Food; fuel; lots of chemical elements and compounds.

Usually as chemical potential.

Chemical energy is that energy contained in a chemical substance that is released when that substance reacts with another substance. For instance there the sucrose molecule stores chemical energy.

A solar cell takes in the sun's light then stores it as chemical energy. Then when it is dark, it lets light out using this stored chemical energy.

Coal stores chemical energy, which is a type of potential energy.

ATP stores energy in its phosphate bond. This energy is released when the bond break and ATP is converted into ADP. This energy is used to perform vital functions in an organism.ATP stores energy in its phosphate bond. This energy is released when the bond break and ATP is converted into ADP. This energy is used to perform vital functions in an organism.

No. It stores potential chemical energy and burning it produces an exothermic reaction as it oxidises.

chemical energy is stored energy For example: tree stores energy that it had received from the sun (thermal and heat energy) hope that will help! sobouh rahimi

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