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What chemical substances are in water?

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Water itself is simply a molecule containing two hyrdogen atoms and one oxygen atom bound together, i.e. "H2O". Water, whether municipal or from a river, lake or other source, can have any number of mineral and chemical impurities in it.

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Is the chemical reaction of water with other substances chemical weathering?


What substances can be separated into simpler substances only be chemical means?

Salt water

What substances can be separated into simpler substances only by chemical means sodium salt water water water or gold?

salt water

What are Chemical substances that dissolve in water or react with water to release ions?

They are soluble substances, which would include polar substances and ionic compounds.

What substances can be separated by chemical means salt water water gold?

salt water

What chemical substances conducts electricity in water?

Any substance that dissolves in water, increases the conductivity of water. The most effective substances are salts.

When a chemical dissolves in water is it soluble or insoluble?

Substances that dissolve in water are soluble. Soluble substances will be polar because water is also polar. Those substances that do not dissolve in water are insoluble, which are nonpolar.

The skin has the ability to absorb A mineral oils B chemical substances C water D aqueous creams?

b. chemical substances

What is a solution when water is the solvent?

When chemical substances are dissolved in water, this is called an aqueous solution.

Which of these substances plays the most important part in chemical weathering?


What substances can be separated into simpler substances only by chemical means sodium salt water water and gold?

Water. That is because water is a compound and compounds can only be separated by chemical means. Salt water is a mixture, and sodium and gold are both elements. Hope this helps!

How do substances interact with other substances is known as chemical properties?

Substances interact with other substances by chemical properties

Why do substances dissolve in water while others do not?

Some substances are soluble. This means they are able to dissolve into other substances. Sugar, for example, is soluble in water, however, vegetable oil is not. This has to do with their chemical makeup.

Is dissolving a substance in water a chemical change?

No. Abundantly no. dissolving is a physical process, it does not modifies the chemical structure of substances

Which substance can be separated into simpler substances only by chemical means?

studyisland answer : water

What are the Chemical and physical properties of substances used to make water bottles?


Is water a chemical substance that can be separated into similar substances only by chemicals?


Are insoluble substances in water a physical or chemical change?

Dissolution is a physical process.

Is a reaction with many substances a physical property of water?

No. That would be a chemical property.

What compound do all living things need for dissolving of chemical substances?


Chemical substances in the atmosphere exist as a?

Chemical substances such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon are a mixture that are found in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and water are also found depending on the climate and altitude.

A chemical change of original substances into one or more new substances?

It is called as a chemical reaction, a familiar example is the reaction between an acid and a base to form a salt and water.

What are chemical substances used in chemical reaction?

These substances are called reactants.

Substances that have an affinity for water?

Chemical affinity can refer to the tendency of an atom or compound to combine by chemical reaction with atoms or compounds of unlike composition. Example, sodium and chlorine, NaCl (table salt) Substances that have an affinity for water are hydrophilic, those that seem to repel water are hydrophobic Google hydrophilic substances and you will probably get a decent answer

Is H2o a chemical change?

H2O is the compound water. Forming it from other things would be a chemical change. Using it to react with other substances and form new substances would also be a chemical change. But water just sitting there is not a chemical change. EX: hydrogen(gas) + oxygen(gas) forms water (chemical change) Water + sodium forms sodium hydroxide and hydrogen (gas) (chemical change) BUT water + sugar makes a sugar water solution (not a chemical change) nothing new was made, the sugar just dissolved and the water is still water

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