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Basically, the carbon in the wood reacts to the oxygen in the atmosphere to produce CO2. As this is an exothermic reaction, it gives off heat.

Smoke is caused by either non-carbon elements within the wood reacting with the oxygen to form more noxious compounds, or the incomplete reactio of the caarbon with oxygen, causing partially reacted carbon to be released in the form of soot.

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Q: What chemically happens when wood burns?
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When wood burns in fire what happens to the wood?

it turns into coal

What happens to wood when it burns?

It is undergoing a physical change from wood to ash.

What happens to wood as it burns?

It turns into ash and smoke.

What happens to wood when you burn it?

It burns and turns black

Is wood flammable?

Yes wood is flammable! What happens when you put wood in a fire place?! It burns up.

What chemically happens when charcoal burns?

carbon reacts with oxygen to give carbon dioxide gas

What happens when you burn a piece of wood in a campfire?

it turns to ash, it chemically changes.

What happens chemically when something burns?

It creates carbon Dioxide, energy, light, H2O, noise and heat

What happens when wood is heated?

it burns... a fire is created which gives off smoke...

Which type of wood burns longer?

the maple wood burns the longest

When wood burns what happens to its atoms?

The atoms combine with the atoms of oxygen from the air to form oxides

When wood burns chemical energy in the wood is transformed in to what?

When wood burns, chemical energy is transformed into heat

What physically happens when you burn wood?

Physically, the candle is melted.Chemically, the candle is burned releasing water and carbon dioxide.

Is it fair to say that polyurethane is chemically speaking artificial wood?

No, it is not, chemically speaking, artificial wood. That would not be fair to say.

What changes occur when wood burns?

When wood burns, carbon and hydrogen in the wood are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water respectively.

Does wood burn or the vapors?

wood burns

Which wood burns the best wood from a store or sticks from trees?

wood from a store, because most of the time its dry and dry wood burns the best.

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I did a science fair project and balsa wood burns the fastest!!!!

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how burns happens

What type of pine wood burns the fastest?

Dry, seasoned and resinous pine wood burns fastest.

Does wood undergo pyrolysis before it burns?

Wood undergoes pyrolysis as it burns. Pyrolysis is the destructive distillation of the wood, producing gasses, which burn as they leave the wood, and carbon, which will also eventually burn. This is how wood normally burns.There is a link to an article on pyrolysis below.

What type of wood burns the longest?

It is Balsa wood.

What burns into ash?