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Some of the chemicals that are in the GAIN laundry detergent is the 1,4-dioxane which is a synthetic petrochemical carcinogen. This chemical is toxic.

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Q: What chemicals are in GAIN laundry detergent?
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Which laundry detergent is better Gain laundry detergent or Dynamo laundry detergent?

Most people would agree that Gain laundry detergent is better than Dyamo laundry detergent. Gain is more expensive in price but a better quality detergent.

Is their chemicals in laundry detergent?


When was Gain laundry detergent developed?

Gain laundry deterent was introduced to the market in 1969 as a stain removing detergent.

Why does laundry detergent clean pennies?

Because when you put the pennies in the laundry detergent the chemicals react and cleans it.

What ingredients are in gain laundry detergent?

Please SOmebody help me! i cant find the answers to the question ' what ingredients are in gain laundry detergent and what ingredients in gain laundry detergent help remove stains?' i need answers and i need them quick for my SFP!

What chemicals makes laundry detergent clean?


What are the ingredients in purex laundry detergent?

compounds of different chemicals

Is it safe to bathe in laundry detergent?

no! if anything it is most dangerous. laundry detergent has some pretty irritating chemicals that can strip and harm your skin.

Is gain laundry detergent a gel pack?

Nope. Not yet.

About gain laundry detergent?

gain is a very popular laundry detergent. it was brought to us by procter and gamble in 1947 and is still here but in newer and improved ways. the waynes family

What are the ingredients in Gain laundry detergent?

amylase ethhanol citic acid borax

Does Family Dollar or Walmart have any laundry detergent coupons available in the stores?

There are numerous companies that have laundry detergent coupons on their sites and in the stores. All of the individual laundry detergent manufacturer's sites have this information. Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin also have this information. Some great brands of laundry detergent are All, Gain, Tide, and Seventh Generation.