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Mendeleev worked also in spectroscopy, ethanol-water system, capillarity, petroleum chemistry.


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Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist. Besides being a Russian chemist, he was also an inventor. He is known for creating the periodic table.

This is because the latin name of potassium is kalium and hence it is denoted by the letter "K" in chemistry.

They are usually grouped in categories besides metals and nonmetals.

Name of the element(basically symbol) is present in periodic table. It also contains its atomic number.

Are you in ms.wood's chemistry class! who are you? =D

She discovered and isolated Radium - Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1911

besides your being alive? try cooking, cleaning, and the clothing you have on.

Everything in science has atoms and understanding something about them and how they work will help you understand. Acids and bases involve chemistry. Besides, learning more than the very basics will impress others.

It is diatomic. Most textbooks will omit this, since astatine's chemistry is irrelevant to anything besides nuclear medicine.

Krypton, and any other elements in the last column of the periodic table besides helium.

Metals If you look at a colored periodic table, most likely in the book you are getting this question from you can see that non-metals are only on the right side, besides Hydrogen depending on your instructor

By understanding the properties it can help you ALOT in fields other then chemistry because it makes it easy to know what your dealing with so you won't get lost or you mess up

I'm guessing that you would need biology and chemistry as well as animal medicine

Chemistry is present in our daily lives. Therefore, it is necessary for every individual to know a bit about what a chemical reaction is, what is acidic/basic in nature. Besides, a number of pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing houses has come up in India. Therefore people with adequate knowledge in chemistry gets ample of job opportunities.

Bookstores or online booksellers have sections on physics, chemistry, and science projects.

No. Most vegetables have some natural fats in their chemistry. Besides, good fats are an essential element of a good dietary regimen.

The periodic table lists the elements and not compounds. Butane, C4H10, is an organic molecule / compound and hence is not present on the periodic table. The elements that make up butane (carbon and hydrogen) are present on the periodic table. Carbon: group 14, period 2 Hydrogen: group 1, period 1 Besides, group 2 elements are alkaline earth metals.

Have a degree in chemistry. Do not put anything in your gun besides air-tool lubricant (for mechanical guns), or actual paintball lube.

it doesnt really have a charge since its in the trasition metal section on periodic table. it only has a charge when theres a roman numeral besides it.

The physiological responses in the body are controlled by chemical reactions and all body reactions are conducted by the atomic and molecular level. Besides, chemistry as the study of matter, helps in the study of elements found in the body such as oxygen, calcium, phosphorus and more.

William Gregor is remembered as the British discoverer of the metallic element Titanium. He was a mineralogist and a clergyman. Besides of his studies on chemistry and his pastoral duties, he was a musician and a painter.

Science History English Physical Education Family Feud(In Order):: Mathematics Chemistry English Physics Biology

Besides firearms, they study law, metals, machining, use of laboratory equipment, math, geometry, physics, chemistry, English (they write reports) and use of computers.

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