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simple take some money[gush]and vote/who would be better

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Q: What choices do voters make during elections?
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Is it true that political parties enable voters to make more meaningful choices during elections?

they help confuse us

australian ballot?

a ballot that is printed and distributed by the government and allows voters to make their choices in secret . australian ballots list all candidates for an office , not just those from one party

In what elections should people vote?

some elections do not concern us I believe that a person should vote only after he/ she has familiarized himself/ herself with the candidates and/or the questions on the ballot and only if he/ she has a good reason for each choice. I have found that in the United States the Voters' Guides prepared by the League of Women Voters is an excellent source for the information we need in order to make educated choices.

Why is job of elections Canada is important?

to make sure the right of all eligable Canadian voters are protected

How does media contributes to democracy in south Africa?

For a democracy to work effectively the voters must be able to make informed choices. It is the job of the media to keep the voters informed.

How do citizens make informed choices in elections?

Read up on the electees online. And see what one you want to vote for.

What are the functions of an election in a democracy?

There are several functions to elections in a democracy, I'll just give a few. Firstly, elections provide a way to legitimize the leadership of a country, because the voters have chosen who they want to represent them. Secondly, the government who are in power know there is an election every few years and they stay accountable to their actions because they don't want to get voted out in the next election. And thirdly, it is quite impractical to have a direct democracy, which means that everyone votes on every issue at hand, and so elections provide voters with a choice to vote on a person or group of people to make those choices for them.

What is the process called for Missouri voters to directly make laws?

Many states have a process whereby voters can make direct decisions about laws or the state constitution by referendum. A referendum may be placed on the ballot during a by petition if enough voters request it by signing the petition.

Does TV matter in political elections?

yes it matters in making judgements... It matters because it is the best way to get a candidate's position, viewpoint and message to as many people across the country as quickly as possible. Plus, it is the best way to inform the electorate of the things that are actually happening in the government so that voters can make choices based on facts, rather that promises by the candidates.

Is it true Making wise nutritional choices during your teenage years will not affect health later in life?

No, it is not true that making wise choices during your teenage years will not affect health later in life. Eating healthy foods as a teenager will prepare you to make good choices in life and will make your body healthy.

Do people in Egypt have the rights to vote?

Yes they can. There are currently 50,407,266 registered voters in Egypt (May 2012). All elections in Egypt are entirely supervised by an independent judicial committee to make sure it is fair.

Why do presidential campaigns focus heavily on swing voters and battle ground states?

Because with the exception of a very few presidential elections (Roosevelt versus Landon, Johnson versus Goldwater), most Presidential elections find Americans voting pretty close to 50/50. Extra votes that can be picked up by effective campaigning for swing voters and battleground (meaning virtually tied) states can make the difference.

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