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It is a mutated gene called PKD1 located on chromosome 16.

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2014-11-30 04:58:30
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Q: What chromosome is polycystic kidney disease found?
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Is polycystic kidney disease found more in males or females?

There is no much preference of any particular sex, when it comes to polycystic kidney disease, probably.

How often is polycystic kidney disease found in the population?

One in every 500 live birth, suffer from polycystic kidney disease. There are about 12.5 million people, suffering from this disease. That make this disease as one of the most common life threatening genetic disease. Approximately one in 453 or .22% of Americans have polycystic kidney disease. That is about 600,000 Americans.

In what chromosome is sickel cell disease found?

The normal and mutant beta-globin genes are found on chromosome 11.

What allele and chromosome is huntington's disease found on?

The gene codes for a protein called huntingtin found on the short arm of chromosome 4.

What chromosome is alzheimers disease located on?

The decoding of chromosome 21 of the 23 shed light on the origins of some diseases. It was found that the gene linked to Alzheimer's disease type 1 was located on chromosome 21.

How old do you have to be to have kidney failure?

You can get Kidney Disease at any age. I was diagnosed at age 9 with Kidney Disease but had it earlier than that just undiagnosed. Usually it does not get diagnosed until stage 3 of Kidney Disease because that is when post people start to show symptoms. Chronic Kidney Disease means you will end up on either a dialysis machine or need a kidney transplant where as Acute Kidney Disease they might be able to save your kidneys. More can be found out at your local Kidney Foundation depending on what country you are in.

What disease found in excretory?

Kidney stones,urinary tract infection,nephritis,uremia,infection of the intestines

What chromosome are dimples found on?

Chromosome 5

Cystic fibrosis is it monosomy 21?

No. Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive disease caused by mutations found on chromosome 7.

What is angiomyolipoma?

Angiomyolipoma is a type of benign tumor that is found in the kidney. It is believed to be caused by tuberous sclerosis which is a genetic disease.

What chromosome is the language gene found in?

Chromosome 7

Which chromosome is found only in males?

Y chromosome

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