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What cities are in Asia?

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There are simply too many to list. Major cities include Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Delhi, Mumbai, Tehran, Karachi, Dubai, Singapore, etc.

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How many cities are in Asia?

there are about 32 cities in asia.

How many cities in Asia?

There are 29,673 Cities in Asia

How many cities does Asia have in total?

Asia had 47 cities check inhttp:/

What are the capital cities of Asia?

the answer in the Asia pacific

What are the largest cities in mainland southeast Asia?

The largest cities in mainland shouteast asia is chiniese

What cities are near Asia?

cities near Asia- Ginjums, Latoik, Munipil, Asundam, and Hurmandun.

What are the 3 major cities in Asia?

Tokyo, Jakarta and Delhi are the three largest cities in Asia.

Why are there few large cities in central Asia?

Central Asia has many large cities. Some of the large cities in central Asia are Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

How many major cities in Asia is there?

There are more than 24 major cities in Asia. Some of the cities are Thailand, Nepal, and Japan.

List of capital cities in Asia?

There are numerous capital cities in Asia. A few of the capital cities are Pyongyang, Tokyo, Islamabad, New Delhi, and Bangkok.

What are two major cities in Europe and Asia?

If you mean just two major cities in Europe, and two major cities in Asia, here are examples: Europe - Moscow & London Asia- Shanghai & Tokyo If you mean two cities that span the continents of Europe and Asia, two examples are Istanbul & Orenburg.

What are some famous cities in Asia?

some famous cities in Asia are Bangkok, Beijing, Jakarta, New Delhi, Seoul, and Taipei

Four cities that are situated by rivers in Asia?

There are many cities that are situated by rivers in Asia. Four of those cities are Bangkok in Thailand, Shanghai in China, Tokyo in Japan, and Seoul in Korea.

Do cities fly direct to gold coast Australia?

A lot of cities in Asia.

Which continent has the world's largest cities?


What were the two largest port cities?

its Asia

Which continent have the most biggest cities?


What is the five largest cities in Asia?


Are there cities in the Asia pacific region?

Yes, there are many cities in the Asia Pacific region, including some of the oldest cities in the world. Examples include Manila, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Adelaide.

Why is it that central asia has few large cities?

Central Asia has relatively few big cities because the Soviet Union chose not to develop the region.

Which continent has the most of the worlds largest cities?

Asia has the most of the worlds largest cities.

Capital of Asia?

Asia is a continent and does not have a capital. There are over 40 countries in Asia which would each have their own capital cities.

What cities did the Egyptians trade with and where were the cities located?

The Egyptians traded with Asia, Africa, India, and China.The cities where located in Africa and it isn't true Mexicans are super cool because they are hard working people

What is the capital cities of Asia?

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Which continet has most of the worlds largest cities?