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What city do you get fly in soul silver?


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You get the Fly HM after defeating the Cianwood City Gym Leader. This makes it easier to get to and from the city (since it is past the water)


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HM 02 Fly is with the woman outside Cianwood City Gym.

A lady will give it to you after beating the gym in Cianwood City.

Only one... at Cianwood city after defeating Chuck

no such thing not in soul silver

First battle Chuck, the gym leader in Cainwood City. If you win, when you get out of the gym, his mum will give you HM 2, Fly.

Fly is HM2, surf to Ciawood City and beat the gymleader Chuck. After beating him, woman outside of the gym gives you HM2 - Fly and you can use it right away.

In soul silver and heart gold you find it in euritik city in one of the houses

Shes in Cerulean city.

You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon

Fly to Pewter City, go right and there will be a hill with an old man on it.. he will talk, when he shuts up he will give you the Rainbow Wing! :)

it is between olivine city and cianwood city

there is no eterna city in soul silver. eterna is only in platinum, diamond and pearl

You need to go to cianwood city beat the leader then youll get the hm fly from a lady when you exit then teach it to a Pokemon tht can fly then go to Pokemon click on tht 1 then click fly then click where you want to go simples

You have to defeat the Cianwood gym Leader, when you walk out of the ggym his wife will give the HM Fly to you

cerulean city after a long time

at the museum in pewter city

it is on the way to ecruteak city

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