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What city hosted the first NHL game and who played?

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On December19,1917,the NHL began it's 22 game schedule.The Montreal Wanders vs. The Toronto Arenas.

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Has a team ever hosted and played in Super Bowl?

No. No team whose city has hosted the Super Bowl made the big game that year.

Where was the first commonwealth game hosted?

First commonwealth game hosted in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1930

What city hosted the first South Eastern Conference Championship Game?

Birmingham Alabama (Legion Field)

What year was the first homecoming game played and who played it?

The first homecoming game was hosted at the University of Missouri in 1911 between the Mizzou Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks. The game ended in a tie at 3-3.

What was the first lighted baseball game?

First lighted baseball game was played on June 2,1883. Fort Wayne Kekiongas hosted the Quincey Professionals.

What stadium hosted the first European soccer game played in Scotland?

I have been informed that Firhill Stadium, Glasgow, hosted the first European tie involving a Scottish football team. Can anyone confirm this?

How old is the Sun Bowl?

The Sun Bowl game was first played on January 1, 1935. The Sun Bowl stadium hosted its first game on September 21, 1963.

What Canadian city hosted the 2000 Grey Cup game?


What city has never hosted a super bowl game?

nashville tn

Where is the MLB all-star game in 2012?

It will be played at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City on July 10, 2012. The Kansas City Royals haven't hosted an All-Star Game since 1973.

What city hosted the 2008 NBA All-star game?

The 2008 NBA All-Star Game was played at New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What city hosted the 2009 MLB all star game?

New York City at Yankee Stadium.

When was the first regular game ever played in foxboro?

The first regular season game played in Foxboro Stadium (then known as Schaefer Stadium) was on September 19, 1971. The Patriots hosted the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots won the game 20-6. The very first game played at Schaefer Stadium (preseason) was played on August 15, 1971, versus the New York Giants.

Where was the game Monopoly first played?

Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The first Final Four game Played in 1939 was held in which midwestern city?

Kansas city

What city hosted the 2009 MLB all-star game?

St. Louis.

What stadium hosted the first NFL game in Europe?

Wembley Stadium

Which city hosted the derby game between Piroozi and Esteghlal?

Piroozi. Normally they write the host name first like Piroozi Esteghlal piroozi is host.

What us city hosted the world cup final game 1994?

Pasadena, California, USA

What MLB team hosted the 2008 All-Star game?

The Major League Baseball team that hosted the 2008 All Star Baseball Game was the New York Yankees, the game was played at the old Yankee Stadium.

When and where have countries in south America ever hosted a olympic game?

The host city of the 2016 Olympic Games will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . This will mark the first time a South American city hosts the event.

Who played in the very first Super Bowl game?

the packers and kansas city chiefs

Did Chicago ever host a Super bowl game?

The city of Chicago has never hosted a Super Bowl.

Which city hosted the first NHL game ever played?

Montreal on December 19th 1917. My comment would be that I was unaware that the NHL existed at such an early date. But since you have the date and location noted, I'll see if any other contributors can confirm the 1917 date.

How many all-star Games have the Yankees hosted from 1903 -2007?

The first All Star game was played in Chicago's Comiskey Park in 1933. Since then the All Star game was hosted at Yankees Stadium 4 times. 1939, 1960, 1977, and the finale year for the Stadium 2008.