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Denver is a city in Colorado, and that is where the Denver mint is located.

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Q: What city in Denver made the D pennies?
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Do all wheat pennies have a D or S?

No. Only if it was made at the Denver or San Francisco mint.

Where are pennies mented?

Pennies are minted at three locations in the US; The San Francisco Mint, The Denver Mint and the Philadelphia Mint. Pennies from San Francisco have an "S" on them. Pennies from Denver have a "D" on them and pennies from Philadelphia have no letter.

Where were 1963 pennies minted?

They were minted at the Philidelphi(no mint-mark), Denver(D) mints. These pennies are not rare.

City where coins are marked D besides the president head are made?


City where coins marked ''D'' beside the president's head are made?


Where is the D located on a penny?

If the coin has the mintmark D then it would be below the date on wheat pennies, memorial cents, and the current design. The D means it was made at the Denver mint facility.

Where was a 1919 wheat penny made?

In 1919 US pennies were struck at the Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver mints. To find out where yours was made look below the date for a small letter. If there is not it was made at Philadelphia. If there is an S there is was made at San Francisco. If there is a D there it was made at the Denver mint.

What does the d on a penny mean?

it was made in denver, at the denver mint

What errors can you find on a wheat penny?

Errors that can be found on a wheat penny are doubled-die obverse, S over D, D over S and for 1922 pennies no D or a weak D. In 1922 pennies were only minted in Denver all other years they were minted in Philly(no mint mark) and Denver (D) along with San Fran(S) in select years.

Why do some pennies have no mint location id?

US pennies minted in Philadelphia do not bear a mintmark, unlike those produced in Denver ("D") or San Francisco ("S").

How much are d pennies worth?

The D mint mark indicates the coin was made in Denver, but the date is equally important in determining its value. Since 1956 or so the Denver Mint has churned out huge numbers of pennies so anything minted in the last 55 years is unlikely to be worth more than face value. If the coin is older, please post a new question with its specific date.

Are D minted pennies worth more?

For the most part, no. Since the 1950s, Denver has produced more pennies per year than Philadelphia. The only D cents worth significantly more are from before WWII.