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Albany is the state capital in New York State.

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Albany, New York

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Q: What city sits on the Hudson River and is also the capital of New York?
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What river is New York in the mouth of?

One river that is in Yew York City is the Hudson River. The Hudson River got its name from Henry Hudson, Henry Hudson discovered this river. There is also the East River and the Harlem River in New York City.

What is New York's biggest river?

New York's biggest river is the Hudson River. The basin of the Hudson River occupies about two thirds of the east border of New York. It also extends into a large part of the interior territory.

On which river bank is New York situated?

New York City is across the Hudson River from Jersey City New Jersey.

What river flows into New York Bay?

The Hudson River, and also the East River, although technically the East River is not a river (it's a tidal strait), since it connects to the ocean on both sides.

What did henrey Hudson discover?

Henry Hudson sailed for the Dutch. He discovered the Hudson River where New York is. He also discovered Hudson Bay in Canada.

What were some accomplishments of Henry Hudson?

discover the hudson bay, hudson river, and the hudson strait

What places did Henry Hudson find?

Henry Hudson only takes 30 minutes to explore what he finds

Is the Hudson Bay River a bay or river?

There is a Hudson River and also a Hudson Bay.

Where did Henry Hudson travel to get to the Hudson river?

He traveled to the East Coast of America or the "New World", also what is today's New York.

What bodies of water in north America wee named after Henry Hudson?

Hudson Bay and the Hudson River is the most famous things named after Henry Hudson.

Where can one find information about Hudson river?

Information about the Hudson River can be found on the Hudson River Foundation and the Hudson River Park websites. You can also find out more about the Hudson River by contacting the Hudson River Foundation.

What was the Hudson River very important to?

The Hudson river is important because many things depend on it. fish live in the Hudson. if the Hudson is gone the fish will have no place to live. we also use it for transportation. The Hudson River is also important because much of our products are shipped across such as oil, grain, cement, and rock salt. We also get power from the Hudson river as well as recreation.