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It really depends on the major for some of the classes. All undergraduate students have to take certain general education classes. The last two years, roughly, are classes related specifically to the major the student has chosen.

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Q: What classes are undergraduates required to take at Harvard University?
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Does Harvard University have the necessary classes needed to become a veterinarian?

No, Harvard University in the United States does not have a college of veterinary medicine associated with it. However, you could complete your undergraduate classes at Harvard then apply to a college of veterinary medicine.

Where did Carl Sagan go to school?

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What is a passing grade at Ashford University?

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Why was Harvard built?

Harvard University was originally intended as a training seminary for clergymen. The revered school holds its first classes in 1636.

Did Hill Harper and President Obama attend classes at Harvard together?

Yes, Harper and President Obama were Harvard University classmates.

What are the qualifications required for Harvard university?

Be a pure genius. Get above 2300 on SATs. Have a 4.0 + GPA in high school. AP and Honors classes. Loads of extracurricular and volunteer programs.

Did Martin Luther King Jr. have an educacion?

yes. he studied at Boston University and attended classes at University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University.

What classes and test must an individual complete to apply to Harvard university?

what classes and test must an individual complete to apply to this school?

Is language required at Harvard?

No, you need to get really good grades like A's and B's and then get accepted for it. Classes are available but you do not need to take a language to enroll or be accepted into Harvard.

Which US university offers the best classes in creative writing?

Most US universities offer classes in creative writing. The best classes can be found at the top universities like Yale and Harvard.

What high school classes or courses does Harvard require?

Harvard University, like other colleges want applicants to take certain classes. These are the classes that they reccomend: English 4 Foreign Language 4 History 2 Math 4 Science 4 Social Studies 3

Does Washington State University offer online graduate level finance classes?

Washington State University currently does not offer any online graduate level finance classes, only business classes for the undergraduates. The only graduate level degrees you can take online are Professional Science and Sports management

Is 4.0 out of 5.0 with all honors classes a good GPA for Harvard?

No, not really. It might qualify as an "adequate" GPA for Harvard (or any other prestigious university) but it's certainly not outstanding.

Does Harvard offer online mgt courses?

Yes, Harvard university offer online mgt courses. For more information search ,!&id=1824148 and

What universities in the US offer a business administration class?

Many universities in the US offer business administration classes. All the major universites will have a school of business or college of business that offer that type of classes. Examples are University of California and Harvard University.

What grades are required to get into Stanford University?

All A's in your classes. You can't get an A- or lower in all of your classes. You have to get all A's in your classes throughout 4 years of high school.

Can anyone enroll in QuickBooks classes?

You do not need to be proficient in Math to enroll in QuickBooks classes or at Harvard. It is not a requirement to attend Harvard. QuickBooks classes are available online or at your local technical school.

Can you go to Harvard to receive your bachelor's degree If so what are the exact requirements to enter into Harvard University?

to get into havard you have to have a 36 act or a 35 act you have to get a's in all of your classes in high shooland have really good grades

Does Harvard offer law school programs or accredited classes online?

Harvard doesn't offer many credits online to begin with. The Harvard Law School doesn't offer any accredited classes online.

Where can I go to school for landscape design?

There are many schools specialized in landscape design. Some of them are the Academy of Art University, Clemson University, City College of New York, University of Florida and Harvard University Taking classes are recommended for better learning and understanding.

What campus offers English classes online as an extra for credit gathering students?

Framingham State University; Burlington County College BCC; Harvard Extension School - Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA; Columbia University - School of Continuing Education, New York City; Is any of them close to you?

Does Harvard Medical School offer phlebotomy classes?

No, harvard medical school does not offer phlebotomy classes to the best of my knowledge, and based off of online research, however, there are a variety of other medical schools which do offer these classes.

What classes are offered at the Harvard Extension School?

Classes offered at the Harvard Extension School include Optical Imaging, Quantitative Reasoning, Experimental Molecular Biology, and Expository Writing.

How do you get into the University of Alabama?

At least an 18 ACT. Required high school classes. 1 foreign language class.