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In high school you should take chemistry and Biology. (Coming from a person becoming a surgeon)

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Q: What classes do you have to take to become a brain surgeon?
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What high school classes could you take to become a brain surgeon?

Physical Science, and Language Arts

To be a brain surgeon what would you have to major in college?

what majors will i take in college to become a brain surgeon?

What high school has courses for brain surgeon in Worcester ma?

In high school you don't take classes to help you become a brain surgeon, but you do need to have a good GPA, good test scores, college prep or AP classes. Some universities also require community service and school activities. Set your goal, take plenty of science classes, learn how to do research papers, and study hard.

How do you become a heart sergeon?

You become a heart surgeon by studying cardiology and specializing in this field. You can take additional classes, residencies and training to become a heart surgeon.

What classes do you have to take in high school to become a surgeon?

first you take the classes that they assign you but when you get the choice to choose you should take biology and anatomy

What high schools in Ohio can you go to to become a surgeon?

you have to go to college to become a surgeon. In high school take all the college prep classes you can

What classes you need to take in college to become a general surgeon?

You need to take the history of medicine and nursing.

How much does it take to become a surgeon?

How long does it take to become a surgeon

What classes should you take in college to become a surgeon?

You need to be enroled in a Pre-Med line of study. Y-THINK-Y

What causes do you need to study to be a surgeon?

To be a surgeon, you should take math and science classes in high school, then take biology or premed classes in college and go to medical school.

What skills doe sit take to become a brain surgeon?

You must get used to the blood and you must know all of the tools to use and what they do

What kind of schooling to you have to take to be a brain surgeon?

it is four years of regular college get your B.S. degree in Bilogy major and chemistry as a minor that is the best option and give the MCAT then go to the medical school which is four years and after that there is 4-5 years of residency to become a brain surgeon

What high school subjects do you need to become a surgeon?

The classes you take in college are what matter, not high school. Also, you don't even have to major in premed to go to med school. There are some classes like chem, organic, and physics that are prerequisites, but there are many paths that can lead down the road to being a surgeon.

What math classes does a pediatric orthopedic surgeon have to take?

The answer depends on where he/she is studying.

Do you have to take art classes to become an artist?

Yes, you do have to take art classes to become an artist. You can take classes at a local community college, and get an

What classes do you need to take in high school to become a general surgeon?

Well you need to be able to tell the difference between sergen and surgeon. Also genral and general. That would help if you knew that before you ever tried performing surgery at all. :)

What high school you go to be a surgeon?

High school classes do not count towards becoming a surgeon. What makes high school important is that you are setting the foundation for getting into a good college for your freshman year. You need to take the college prep classes, keep a good GPA, do some community service, and become involved in your high school in some way. The colleges looks at these factors when students apply. Do well in college and you can apply to medical school to become the surgeon you want to be.

How much does it cost to become a cosmetic surgeon?

how much does it cost to become a comestic plastic surgeon? what type of general education/ college courses shall i take to become a cosmetic plastic surgeon?

What classes should you take in collegeto prepare myself to become a psychiatrist?

lots and lots psychology and a few pharmacy meds classes to under stand how the meds will affect the brain and body.

What classes do you need to become a football player?

You take take any classes to become a football player

What high school courses should you take if you want to become a surgeon?

Biology and Chemistry. Classes involving use of mechanical devices or instruments, such as robotics or a shop class. Additionally, advance math and science classes to ensure aptitude and creativity development.

What courses do you have to take in high school to become a brain surgeon?

Science related courses. Anatomy, chemistry, physics. To then study medicine with a speciality into neurological surgery.

How many years does you take to become a brain sergeant?

A rule of thumb is that it'll take you about 30 years. 4 years of med school, 8 years of residency and 18 years to learn how to spell surgeon.

How long does it take to become an orthopedic?

it takes fourteen years to become orthopedic/orthopedic surgeon.....four years college with many science classes, four years of medical school, one year internship and five years of residency.

What classes should one take to become a website developer?

To become a website developer you should take classes to learn HTML. You should also take classes on graphic design.