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What classes in college do you need to take to become a kindergarten teacher?


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A BA/BS in education or child development is needed, teacher education classes, passing a teacher's exam, and getting a credential from the state department of education.

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To become a kindergarten teacher you need to take classes in education. You should be an education major if you plan to become a teacher. You will also have to take communication classes.

According to the search 46 Teachers for New Kindergarten Classes were people are training to become a kindergarten teacher in Anchorage

There are so many people who want to teach kindergarten these days. Children in kindergarten classes are often at an age where they are sweet and well-behaved. If you want to become a kindergarten teacher, then try to choose this as your specialty during college. You will have better odds of being selected as a kindergarten teacher at public schools upon graduation.

Being a kindergarten teacher will be a very rewarding experience. You will need to attend college to get your Bachelor of Education so that you can become a teacher. good luck./

If you want to become a kindergarten teacher you should go to a University or college and get a teaching degree, preferably one with an academic program related to your field study.

4-5 years in college. You take education classes, do student teaching, take a state teacher exam, and get a teaching credential from the state department of education.

Typically, it is a lower level math that usually will not exceed a college algebra.

A person can become an ESL teacher by taking college classes to get an education degree. Contact your local college to see if they offer the degree you want.

Most schools require a 4 year college degree and a teaching certificate.

She was a nanny and that doesn't require education. She wasn't a kindergarten teacher, but worked for a time in a preschool and that doesn't require much education. She was also of the peerage of England.

The requiements needed to become a kindergarten teacher is not so much as a highschool or middle school teacher. However being a teacher in general requires lots of work and determination.

There are some courses to become a kinder garden teacher.

There's nothing special to study in high school. Later, you attend a Teacher's College to become a teacher. You might end up teaching First or Second grade (or higher) if a school doesn't have an opening for kindergarten.

There are general education courses that are required to become a teacher of any type. Many of these are classes in the field of study that you will teach, teaching methods and general education classes.

SUU (Southern Utah University in cedar city)

in order to become a kindergarten teacher you must go to uni for 4 years which will consists of however many classes a week of theory and then 120 hours of piratical which you go out to a kindergarten/childcare centre to have the experience and then when you graduate you should be graduating with a bachelor of education and certificate 3 in early childhood eucation and care. the original answer was unhelpful so i edited it for you.

No. You can become a teacher through any college.

you will have to take nothing it dont matter as long as you get to go to college and finish your education

In order to become a kindergarten teacher, you must go to a university and get a bachelor's degree in childhood education. Most degrees take 4 to 6 years to acquire them.

She never was a Kindergarten teacher. She briefly attended finishing school, after failing her "O-level" exams (high school or secondary school) twice. She never attended college or university so was not a qualified teacher. She worked as an assistant at Young England Kindergarten, which was basically a Day Care Centre (nursery school for ages 2 1/2 to 4).

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You can check with South Florida College. They offer education you need to become certified to be a kindergarten teacher. You may also want to check with a local elementary school and ask them what the general requirements are for that type of position and ask them which college they recommend for those requirements. Some schools have hiring preferences that may help you get a foot in the door by going to the right college in your area.

In order to become an early childhood educator you must complete your education classes in college, get certified as a teacher, and go through the process of learning how to do things and what is expected of you.

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