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minors, individuals who are mentally ill, persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and those under a legal guardianship

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2010-12-09 07:17:07
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Q: What classes of people lack legal capacity to enter into a contract?
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8 Who does not have capacity to enter into a contract?

People who do not have the mental competence.

What do you understand by the term capacity of contract?

that there are restrictions on who can enter into a contract

Legal ability to enter a contract?

A person's capacity to enter into a contract refers to the legal ability of a person to enter into a contract. It also means that they can mentally understand the terms of the contract. visit our website to know more link in bio.

Do a mental ill person have capacity to enter into a contract?

No they do not

Not all persons have the capacity to enter into a contract?


What is legal capacity to enter into a contract?

the legal power to give consent

What is tacit emancipation?

capacity given to a minor to enter into contract without parent

Can anyone enter a contract?

Any one that has the legal capacity may enter into a contract. That means the individual must be an adult and of sound mind. A drunk signing a contract may be able to void it.

What is an example of the persons disqualified by law to enter into a contract?

As for contract law, a person must be able to understand the nature and consequences of the contract when it is formed. Mental capacity refers to one's legal ability to enter into a contract. Your question is assumed to refer to a person who lacks mental capacity. A person who lacks mental capacity cannot understand the obligations under a contract and that makes the contract voidable in most cases.Also, a minor cannot make a valid contract in most cases.

What contract do people enter without exchanging a word?


Who can enter into contract?

Two or more people of sound mind and legal age at the time the contract is initiated.

Why aren't deceased persons allowed to marry?

Marriage is a contract. A deceased person does not have the legal capacity to willingly enter into any contracts.

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