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In high school you will want to take all the science and math that you can. In college, the undergraduate degree that one chooses does not matter in order to be a pediatrician (or any other type of physician for that matter) -- he or she must simply take the appropriate premed classes, graduate from college, and be accepted into medical school. The classes one must take to get into medical school are the same no matter which kind of physician one wants to be. Generally, the premed requirements consist of a year of Biology, a year of inorganic chemistry, a year of organic chemistry, calculus, English, and a year of physics. (Check with a premed advisor to make sure that these have not changed). If you know that you have a particular interest in pediatrics, you might consider trying to volunteer with a clinic or hospital and finding an pediatrician who would serve as your mentor to see if it's really what you want to do and to show your interest in the field. Once in medical school, all of the classes and rotations are the same for everyone until the fourth year, when elective rotations can be taken. You would need to apply to pediatric residency programs during that year of medical school and then complete a pediatrics residency (tpyically 3 years). Here are other opinions and input: * In high school, as much advanced placement chemistry and biology as you can muster. In college, major in biology or chemistry and take the pre-med track specifically if offered. Then you will need to do an internship and then residency in pediatric medicine. Then you will need to take your boards, probably within 1-2 years after finishing your residency. (Some practices are willing to hire someone who has not yet passed his boards, but is "board eligible.") * Talk to your medical college of choice and find out what they recommend as prerequisites. Colleges have different requirements and it's best to get the information directly from them. Start planning early and things will work out far better. In any case, you will need to take and do well in, chemestry, English, a foreign language, physics and probably some upper level math. * In college, you'll probably find yourself taking lots of biology and chemistry classes. Look on medical school web sites for their entrance requirements - you will find a specific list of courses there and you can start working backward to figure out what will best help you prepare for those pre-requisites.

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Q: What classes should you take in high school and college if you plan to become a pediatrician?
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Related questions

Is college necessary to be a pediatrician?

Yes, both college and medical school are required to become a pediatrician.

Do you have to be in all advanced classes in high school to be a pediatrician?

No. You only need to have really good grades in the classes you take, get into a good college, get great grades in your college classes, and go into medical school

What high school classes are need to become a pediatrician?

There are no particular classes in high school that are required to become a pediatrician, so you can take just about whatever you want. The main thing would be to do well enough to get into medical school. If you really wanted to take courses that would make learning what you need to learn in college easier, I would suggest math and science courses. You will have to take a bunch of these in college and they help you to think analytically.

What type of college classes do you need to take to become a pediatrician?

sorry, this might not help.. but, if you have a school in mind you should call them and they will have a plan for you and you can look that over. Often times, schools even have them on their webpage. Good Luck!! I hope you become a pediatrician soon!!

What classes in high school should you take to become a pediatrician?

Science and Chemist

What classes should you take if you want to become a pediatrician?

Medical school.

What high school credits do you need to be a pediatrician?

The classes you take in high school only aid you in being accepted to a college or university. However, some of the courses may be in the health science field, which would help you in your decision. To become a pediatrician, you will need to obtain an undergraduate degree, be accepted to a medical college and then do your internships.

How many hours must you attend school to be a pediatrician?

you will spend 11 years in college to become a pediatrician.

Im a freshmen in high school what classes do you need to become a pediatrician?

You need to take college prep classes and classes in science. You also need to get good grades in the next 4 years and do community service as well as join clubs in school. When you fill out your admission to college you want it to look good with GPA, test scores, and the proper classes. Set your sights on this and you can do it.

How do you become a paediatrician?

To become a pediatrician, you need to graduate from college, then graduate from medical school, and then complete a pediatrics residency program. In total it takes about 11 years after high school to become a pediatrician.

To be a pediatrician what type of training do you need if you don't attend college?

You have to go to 4 years of college, plus medical school school, plus internship to become a pediatrician. If you want to help in a pediatrician's office, you can train pretty quickly to become a Medical Assistant (less than 4 years college to train).

What school subjects do you need to study in high school to become a pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician (or any type of medical doctor), you will want to focus especially on science classes. Once you get to college, the pre-med requirements will include chemistry, physics and of course biology. Learning about these subjects in high school will be helpful to you once you arrive at college. However, it is important to remember that the specific courses you take in high school will have little effect on your medical career. What is important in high school is much more general; You want to perform well in a wide variety of challenging classes. This is what will help you get into a good college. Then it is what you do in college that is most important in helping you get into medical school.

If you want to be a pediatrician what classes you take in high school?

AP classes to get you into a good college in their pre-med program. You need good grades in challenging classes, sciences are important.

What classes do i need to take in high school that will help me become a pediatrician?

Health, Biology, Humanities

What subjects are required to become a pediatrician?

In order to be an pediatrician, one must graduate from college and then from medical school. You can go to any college for undergraduate work as long as you take the classes required to get into medical school. Generally, undergraduate work takes about four or five years to complete, and medical school is four more years after that. In med school, everyone takes the same classes, which typically consist of basic science classes and then clinical rotations and clinical skills classes. After medical school, you would need to complete a residency in pediatrics, which is generally three years. Hope that helps! Dr. B.

What does it take to become an pediatrician?

In order to become a pediatrician you have to graduate from college, then graduate from medical school, and then complete a pediatrics residency program. College takes 4 years, medical school takes 4 years, and a pediatrics residency usually takes 3-4 years. So you can become a pediatrician about 11-12 years after you graduate high school if you go straight through.

What training or education do you need to become a pediatrician?

you have take biology, chemistry, English, and psycholgy and college preparatory classes in high school. You also have to earn a four year doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy along with at least three years of residency training to become a very good and successful pediatrician.

What education do you need to become an Pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician you need to have 4 years of college, then 4 years of medical school, then 3 years of pediatric residency training.

Where can you get the training to become a pediatrician?

Go to medical school, which means about 13 years of college.

What college courses are needed to become a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a doctor--an M.D. You would need premed courses, and then you would have to go to medical school.

What classes should you take in high school if you want to be a pediatrician?

Taking the right classes in high school really won't make a difference in you becoming a pediatrician. It really depends on your college major and then going to medical school. However, it would make college easier if you focus on the right areas in high school. So, take as many sciences and mathematics as you can. Also, take home economics.

Do you need a high school diploma to become a pediatrician?

Yes you need a high school diploma and a college degree

What level must you achieve to become a pediatrician?

You only have to have taken all your classes and go through Medical School

Do you need to go to high school or college to become a pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician one would have to graduate highschool and then attend college for four years, go to four years of medical school, be an intern for one year, complete a two year residency, and then take an exam.

How many years of going to college to become a pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician you need to have: 4 years of college 4 years of medical school 3-4 years of residency