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Q: What climate did the Tasmanian tigers live in?
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Did Tasmanian tigers live in Florida?

No. Tasmanian tigers only lived in the continent of Australia and part of New Guinea.

What is the climate were white tigers live?

white tigers live in India so in India the climate is hot and tropical climate

What kind of climate do Siberian tigers live in?

They can live in any climate

Does the Tasmanian tiger live in a pack or by itself?

Tasmanian tigers, or Thylacines, are extinct now, but they tended to be solitary animals, not roaming in packs.

Are the Tasmanian tigers endangered?

Tasmanian tigers, or thylacines, went extinct in the early 20th century.

Do Tasmanian devils need to live in hot places?

No. On the contrary, the Tasmanian devil lives in Australia's island state of Tasmania, which has a cool temperate climate.

How are wallabies like Tasmanian tigers?

Both wallabies and Tasmanian Tigers (Thylacines) are mammals, specifically marsupials. Tasmanian Tigers are believed to be extinct, and many species of wallaby are heading in the same direction, due to man's interference.

How do Tasmanian tigers get its food?


Where was the Tasmanian tigers habitat?


What animals ate Tasmanian tigers?

Tasmanian tigers, more properly known as Thylacines, were at the top of the food chain. They had no natural predators.

What sound did the Tasmanian tiger make?

Generally, Thylacines (as Tasmanian tigers were properly called) did not make any sound. They were heard, on occasion, to make a quick yipping sound. Tasmanian tigers were not tigers, so they did not make a tiger-like growl.

What era did this Tasmanian tiger live in?

Same era as us, the Cenozoic era, the age of the mammals. If an animal is a mammal, they probably are from the Cenozoic. Tasmanian tigers, or thylacines, went extinct in the 1930s.