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What clothes did the ancient incas wear?


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alpaca and llama skins


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they did not wear clothes when they were competing

They wore NO CLOTHES at the Ancient Olympics!! .

the same clothes that the egyptians wear

they wear cloths in ancient greece

The Incas were clothes

about the ancient spaniards clothing

They wore clothes made out of cotton

they did not wear any clothes but oil (men). well that was in the ancient Olympics not this modern Olympics. today they wear clothes.

The Incas were in the Americas, not in ancient Egypt. So no, the Incas never made mummies in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians did.

I found a wonderful site with good general answers

No the ancient Egyptians i believe did not wear anything under there clothes. such as under wear or bras. Very good question .

clothes made out of wool.

clothes* did the* Athenians* wear*

Most humans wear clothes of some sort. In Egypt like most of the ancient world clothes reflected status the better quality and quantity of clothing you wore the higher your status in society.

They wore masks and bright clothes

Clothes made from material, leather and fur.

aye they didnt wear clothes if they were poor or like rags? sorry hope this was helpful lol

long full length dresses or skirts some kids did wear clothes till they were 9

Ancient greek men were fond of showing off their physique.

The ancient Incas grew mostly potatoes on terraces carved into the Andes Mountains where they resided.

nothing just ran around with no clothes

yes the incas were artistic, they made cloth, pottery, clothes, toys, and tools

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