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Probably white ones (or very light colors, such as pastel pink).

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Q: What clothes do not fade with exposure to the sunlight?
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Why do colors of clothes fade when you wash them?

because of the exposure to sunlight

Does rayon fade in sunlight?


Will colored gemstones fade in sunlight?


What are some good drapery fabrics which don't fade in the sunlight?

There are many good drapery fabrics that don't fade in the sunlight. Examples of good drapery fabrics that don't fade in the sunlight includes silk fabrics and woven fabrics.

Does leather furniture fade in a sunny room?

It Depends on the furniture but if it is in direct sunlight it may fade.

What is sunlight used for?

we use sunlight to help our crops grow. Sunlight is also important to our clothes because it helps our clothes dry and gave it vitamin D. sunlight kills germs from our clothes.

How many freckles are on a humans face?

It can be any number zero or more. Freckles are skin pigment sensitive to sunlight. It depends upon the skin type and exposure to sunshine; in the summer exposure to sunshine multiplies the number of freckles, but in winter with less sunshine they fade.

Why does lemon juice fade in the presence of sunlight?

Lemon juice can cause colors to fade in the presence of sunlight due to the acidity in the lemons. The sun and acid combination will cause the first layer of skin to fade away, and the skin underneath is lighter.

What type of exposure causes cutaneous carcinoma?

UV exposure from excessive sunlight

What colors fade fastest in sunlight?

red fades faster

How do you make clothes fade less?

Wash less.

Does sunlight exposure effect plant growth?

yes. It depends on how much of the sunlight the plant has

Do darker colors fade in the sunlight?

Yes if they are in the sun a long time.

Which color fade faster in the sunlight?

well red fades the faster

Does Blue sharpie fade?

only if wet or under direct sunlight

Does newspaper fade by sunlight?

Color printing sometimes does, but the black printing on newspapers usually will not fade. The paper, especially that made of highly acidic wood pulp, will turn yellow as it oxidizes due to sunlight.

Why does colored paper fade in direct sunlight?

It's because the sunlight decolor the colored paper. The sunlight makes the color of paper to another color.

Can Sunlight fade stretch Marks?

Yes. Sunlight therapies are able to fade the stretch marks but it will require some massage with olive oil.

Why does construction paper fade in direct sunlight?

because it has too much miosture.

Does tide powder fade clothes?

Not at all - you have to use the directed amount

Do Disney pins fade in sunlight?

hey i think they may fade after taking them out like every day for 2 years!. but they wouldn't faint that easy .

I am running a photography contest to gain exposure for my agency how would you recommend I gain exposure?

take off your clothes to gain exposure

How do you take energy into your bodies?

Eat, breath, and sunlight exposure.

How is sunlight exposure good for us?

It gives you Vitamin D

What vitamin is synthesized in the skin with exposure to the sunlight?

Vitamin D.