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In a site this old most clothing does not survive and only scraps are found ( if any). Leather items does tend to survive, so shoes and leather vests a found at times.

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Is raedwald buried at sutton hoo?

We really do not know for certain who was buried at Sutton Hoo. It is possible that Raedwald was buried there, but that is all we know.

What did sutton hoo discover?

Sutton Hoo is not a person. It was a ship burial site in the 7th century, where supposedly a King was buried.

Who was buried in the ship at sutton hoo?

We do not know for certain, but it seems most people who have theories on the subject say the person buried at Sutton Hoo was Rædwald, a king or chieftain of the East Angles. There are some who think it might have been Sigeberht, who was Rædwald's son. There are also other people who might have been buried there. There is a link below to an article on Sutton Hoo.

What artefacts did they find at sutton hoo?

gemsgolda whole shipshieldsswordsjewelrycups, plates of gold

Why is sutton hoo called sutton hoo?

Sutton is a village in Suffolk. The hoo is a spur of a hill. Sutton Hoo was the name of an estate near Sutton, and the burial site is named after that estate.

Why do you know more about king at sutton hoo than saxon?

Sutton Hoo is a location where centuries of burials took place along with Saxon tribes buried a ship and other burial goods. What is known is what has been found and researched by historians. There wasn't a "king" at Sutton Hoo, in fact, historians are not sure who exactly is buried there. Your question is basically asking the same thing about the same people.

What was sutton hoo treasure buried in?

There are two sites at Sutton Hoo, very close together. At one of them was a burial ship, which was undisturbed and contained quite a lot of treasures. There were still valuable things at the other, however, and these were buried in different ways and different times. There is a link to an article below.

When was Sutton Hoo founded?

Sutton Hoo was a burial ground in the 5th century to 597 AD.

What is a sutton hoo?

In the UK, Sutton Hoo (National Trust) is a site of two 6th and early 7th century cemeteries.

What did Sutton Hoo die with?

Sutton Hoo is a place in England, not a person. Today there is a museum there and you can view the items found in the burial grounds.

Where were the sutton hoo discoveries found?

Sutton is a village in Suffolk, near Woodbridge. Hoo is an old word meaning the spur of a hill. Sutton Hoo is a raised area along the eastern banks of the River Deben. There is a link below.

Who was buried at Sutton Hoo and why?

One of the potential occupants was Redwald. He was King of East Anglia and he died between AD 617 and AD 631.

What year was King Raedwald buried at Sutton Hoo?

King Raedwald of East Anglia is thought to have died in about 624, though records on him are very scant. Some of the dates of births and deaths from this period are off by as much as ten years or more. He probably would have been buried very soon after death. One thing to mention, however, is that we do not actually know who was buried at Sutton Hoo, and the evidence that Raedwald was buried there is very inconclusive; he is just the person though to be most probably buried there.

Name 6 objects that suggest a king was buried at sutton hoo?

helmetship (whole ship)swordjewelry of various typesshieldcups, plates of goldThere was no "king" in Sutton Hoo and it was used since the 7th century so the items date to various times.

Why is Sutton Hoo famous?

Sutton Hoo is one of the greatest finds in archeology that has ever been found. It is the burial site from the 7th century and contained treasures of gold, gems, and silver. One of the items buried there is a huge ship that is intact. This gave historians an unlimited amount of information of ship building in the 7th century as well as the treasure it contained. The items pulled from Sutton Hoo are exquisite and tell us about the people who made them.

What Was Sutton Hoo Used For?

It was a burial ground

What was buried with king Redwald?

King Redwald is thought to be buried at Sutton Hoo where the famous ship burial was found in the 1930's. For further info I suggest you go to the British Museum website atwww.britishmuseum.org/

What was found at Sutton Hoo?

Sutton Hoo was the site of a ship burial of an important Anglo-Saxon person, possibly King Raedwald of East Anglia. The grave was found intact and undisturbed, and had a large amount of Anglo-Saxon artifacts in it, which are now in the British Museum. There is a link below to an article on Sutton Hoo.

How is Sutton Hoo related to Beowulf?

There is no direct connection between Sutton Hoo and Beowulf that we know of. Sutton Hoo is the burial place of a number of Anglo-Saxon people, one of whom might have been a king of East Anglia. Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem about a man named Beowulf, a fictional or legendary hero of approximately the same time as the Sutton Hoo burials, who came from southern Sweden and fought a dragon in Denmark.Nevertheless, the two are connected culturally, because the treasures found at Sutton Hoo are examples of the sorts of things Beowulf might have owned and used. The result, of course, is that pictures of articles found at Sutton Hoo are often used to illustrate editions of Beowulf.

What did Charles Phillips do in Sutton Hoo?

Charles Phillips was an archaeologist and a scholar at Cambridge University. He took over excavation of Sutton Hoo, to put it on a more professional basis than it had previously had been. The specifics of how this happened are a bit too complicated for a short answer, but there is a link below to the relevant section of an article on Sutton Hoo.

What has the author R L S Bruce-Mitford written?

R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford has written: 'The Sutton Hoo ship burial' -- subject(s): Protected DAISY 'Sutton Hoo'

What is the Sutton Hoo purse cover made of?

gold, garnets and cloisonne enamel

Who was the founder of the Sutton Hoo site?

There is no "founder" it is a burial site that has been found.

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