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Q: What clothing did Douglas mawson wear?
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What clothing did Douglas mawson wear at antarctica?

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When was Douglas Mawson Knighted?

Douglas Mawson was knighted in 1914.

Where was Douglas mawson from?

Sir Douglas Mawson was from the United Kingdom in Shipley

What was Sir Douglas Mawson's nationality?

Sir Douglas Mawson was Australian.

What did Douglas mawson set out to achieve in antarctica?

what did douglas mawson achieve

Sir Douglas Mawson's children?

Douglas Mawson did not have any children.

What was Douglas Mawson's vessel?

what was Sir Douglas Mawson's expedition vassel.

What was Douglas Mawson's final profession?

Sir Douglas Mawson was a geologist and professor by profession.

Does Douglas Mawson have any siblings?

Douglas Mawson did not have any siblings. His parents were Robert Ellis and Margaret Ann Mawson. Douglas was a well known geologist and explorer.

Who is Sir Douglas Mawson's mother?

Mrs Mawson.

What is Mawson the explorer full name?

Douglas Mawson.

When did Douglas mawson come back from antarctica?

douglas mawson came back from australia in 1913