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What college courses are needed to get a master's in psychologist?


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It really depends on what masters program in Psychology you are enrolled in. At the masters level you get to specialize in a particular area of psychology and the course curriculum varies between graduate programs. In general, expect to spend at least 2 years on coursework and writing a thesis or completing an internship to receive a masters in psychology.

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College psychology degrees include requirements for basic psychology, statistics, abnormal psychology and behavioral psychology. There are often many options for the student to choose for electives.

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To be a fully certified psychologist, you should expect to complete: 1) Four years undergraduate university/college training 2) Two years masters degree 3) Three to five years PhD 4) Successfull passing of certification exams Sometimes people can get psychologist positions with only a masters degree, but it is becoming uncommon.

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To qualify to practice as a licensed clinical psychologist you must complete a 4 year clinical psychology course. This usually can be concurrent with a masters of psychology program. Which a masters can be earned within 1.5 to 2 years and is needed to obtain the PhD. This 4 year course is to obtain a PhD or also know as a doctorate of clinical psychology.

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The exact number of credits needed to complete a Masters Degree in Special education will be dependent on the chosen college or university, and whether the individual is required to take appropriate prerequisite courses at the undergraduate level. However, in general it takes approximately 36 to 40 credit hours in the required areas to complete the degree. How long it will take to complete, will depend on how many courses the student is able to take per semester, and the programs sequential nature of course offerings. For someone who is working, it would take approximately two to three years.

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