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  • 1929 B.A. degree in science magna cum laude from PA college for Woman
  • 1932 M.A. degree in zoology from Johns Hopkins
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Rachel Carson obtained a Master's degree in zoology from Johns Hopkins University in 1932.

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Q: What college degree did Rachel Carson get?
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How long did Rachel Carson go to college for?

Rachel Carson attended the Pennsylvania College for Women (now Chatham University) for two years before transferring to the Johns Hopkins University, where she graduated with a degree in biology in 1932.

When did Rachel Carson graduate from college?

June 10 in the college chapel

Where did Rachel Carson go to elementary school?

Rachel Carson attended undergraduate at the Pennsylvania College for Women (now known as Chatham University), from 1925-1929. Carson worked on a master's degree at Johns Hopkins from 1929-1932, and worked on a doctorate there until financial difficulty forced her to withdraw in 1934.

What collage did Rachel Carson go to?

Rachel Carson attended the Pennsylvania College for Women, now known as Chatham University, where she studied English.

When did Rachel Carsons graduate from University?

Rachel Carson graduated with a Masters of Genetics at John Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland in 1932. She also graduated from Pennsylvania College for women with a Zoology degree.

Did Rachel Carson go to College?

yes she went to Pennsylvania collage

What is Rachel Carson full name?

rachel louise Carson

Who were the parents of Rachel Carson?

Rachel Carson's parents are Robert and Maria Carson.

Is Ben Carson married with Rachel Carson?

No, Ben Carson is not married to Rachel Carson. Ben Carson is married to Candy Carson. Rachel Carson was a marine biologist and conservationist who passed away in 1964.

What was Rachel Carson's full name?

Rachel Louise Carson

When did Rachel Carson marry?

Rachel Carson was never married.

What was Rachel Carson education?

She had went to college to get an education and continued to get teached and learned more on the way