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Muhammad Ali didn't go to college because of his early career as a boxer.

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What school did Muhammad Ali attend for college?

Muhammad Ali did not attend college. He barely finished high school and went on to concentrate on his boxing career.

What collage did Muhammad Ali attend?

he did not attend any college because of his early boxing career

What college did Muhammad Ali go to?

He did not attend college. He did go to high school at Central High School in Louisville, KY.

Did Muhammad ali go to college and high school?

muhammad ali went to college at saniyal college and he went to ray high school

Did Muhammad ali go to college?


Did Muhammad Ali graduate from college?

No it is not likely that he completed college.

Where did Muhammad ali attend elementary school?

In Virginia Street Elementary

What year did Muhammad Ali gratuate from collage?

Muhammad Ali did not graduate from college though, we can take it for granted that Muhammad Ali certainly must have quite a "cache" of ceremonial collage degrees.

What school did Muhammad Ali go to?

harvest college in Brazil

What high school did Muhammad Ali attend?

Central high school in Louisville Kentucky

Who is better berrera or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad ali

Muhammad Ali and Elvis who is bigger?

Muhammad Ali.

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Adele?

muhammad ali

Who is the main characters about the greatest Muhammad Ali?

is Muhammad Ali

Important facts about Muhammad Ali?

One important fact about Muhammad Ali is that his birth name isn't Muhammad Ali.

When was Ali Nasir Muhammad born?

Ali Nasir Muhammad was born in 1939.

Who is that kid that slap Muhammad Ali three times in the face in the movie Muhammad Ali the man Muhammad Ali the fighter.?


How many ko's did Muhammad Ali do?

Muhammad Ali had 37 ko's

Where do you get Muhammad Ali tickets?

You can get replica Muhammad Ali tickets

Muhammad Ali how many wiwes he had?

Muhammad Ali had 4 wives ...

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Lady Gaga?

Muhammad Ali

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Usain Bolt?

muhammad ali

Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali

What has the author Ali Muhammad written?

Ali Muhammad has written: 'The greatest'

When did Muhammad Ali finish boxing?

Muhammad Ali died in 1981.