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Sieur De La Salle did not go to college

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Q: What college did sieur de la salle go to?
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What college did Robert de la salle go to?

Robert de la Salle did not attend college. It is verified that he studied with the Jesuit religious order.

What school did sonny fai go to?

de la salle college

Where did Robert de lasalle go to school?

Robert de La Salle attended the Jesuit College in Rouen, France.

What college did Wayne Rooney go to?

he went to de la salle school in Liverpool where he met coleen.

What nicknames does Yvonne de Salle go by?

Yvonne de Salle goes by Bon.

Did buster posey go to De la salle?

No. He went to Lee County High School and Florida State College

How many journeys did Robert de la Salle go on?

Robert de la salle went on 3-5 explorations

Where did Wayne Rooney go to school?

De La Salle School

Where did Robert de la salle go on his first voyage?


Did Paul Langan go to college?

yes he went to Camden county college and then La Salle university

Did Seiur de la Salle go to school?

yes he did in the society of Jesus

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