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To become a Hair dresser you don't really go to college, it's a technical school. Check out Vidal Sasson

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Q: What college should you go to for hair school?
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Do you have to go to college to be a hair stylist?

College is not required to become a hair stylist, but Cosmetology school is.

What kind of college should you go to be a baker?

You should go to a culinary arts school

What should you do after you graduate high school?

Go to college.

Should I go to a college for prelaw for 4 years then go to law school or should I go to law school right after high school?

You can't go to law school right after high school; one of the minimum requirements for entrance to law school is an undergraduate college degree, preferably with a very high GPA.

Should you be able to go to the NBA right out of high school?

No, you have to go to college next.

Is Kentucky country day a good school?

Yes. 100% of it's graduates go on to college. If you are not looking for a college preparatory school, you should not go here.

What should you study in college -if the school does not have a pre-med program- if you want to go to medical school?

You should find a different school.

What is the difference between barber school and beauty school?

There's a huge difference. Barber school mainly focuses on hair styles and the different types of hair. Beauty school focuses more than just hair. Like cosmetology for example. So since your friend wants a degree in beauty, she should go to Beauty School. If she mainly wants to focus on hair, she should go to Barber School.

Where should a marinebiologists go to school?

If you are going to be a marinebiologists you should go to college at university of wilmington north carolina!

Should you go to a trade school or college to become a nurse?

You should go to college to get a degree as a Registered nurse.The job is more interesting and you make more money.

Where did Lydia darragh go to college?

I think she did not go to college she only went to school in Philadelphia. I am not fully sure about it so you should ask your teacher at your school or college.

I have been homeschooled all my life.Should I go to Junior College instead of High school?

You should go to High School for a review of what you do need to know, and then go to college. Take my advice, it's like, the only way you can get through college.

What college should you go to to become a plastic surgeon?

law school

What should you do after graduating from high school to become a registered nurse?

Go to college.

How can you find your transcript?

Go to your college web site and there should be a link. If you are in high school there should be a web site as well or go into your school office and ask for the form.

Can you go to college if your 18 without any high school?

if you were homeschooled then you should be able to attend college.

When you go to College do you still go to school?

Yes, a college is a school.

Where did Hitler go to school or college?

Hitler will go to school or college to hitler international school

What college classes do you have to take to become a chef?

You should go to culinary school.

What will happen if you dont go to high-school?

You will lose your chances of getting in a good college, and it is illegal not to go to high school, so you should probably go.

How long do you have to go to college to do hair?

There is no requirement for any college education to be a hair dresser.

Why should people extend the school day?

To go to college and getin a job and follow your dreams

What is the basis of choosing you're course in college?

You should find out what you want to do before choosing the college. If you aren't sure about what you want to do, you should go to a state university, or a college that is like a high school that has all different subjects. If you know what you want to do, you should go to a school that is specialized just for that specific work field like a business college or itt tech or something like that.

What courses should you take in high school to become a Hospital Administrator?

Take college prep classes because you will need to go to college and medical school to do this job.

Should people go to college or just graduate high school?

If you can afford it, then you should go to college. On the average, a person with a degree will earn $2.8 million more over their life than a person without one.