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There are many colleges and universities in Oregon. Some of the public colleges are : University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Portland State, Western Oregon, Southern Oregon. Some of the private colleges are: University of Portland, Linfield, Concordia, George Fox.

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There are a number of colleges and universities in Oregon, as it is such a big state. Here is a list of colleges and universities in Oregon

Some four year colleges that offer a psychology degree in Salem, Oregon would be Cascade College, Concordia University, Eastern Oregon University, and George Fox University.

In the town of Monmouth, and it is Western Oregon University (WOU) , formerly known as Oregon College of Education (OCE), and for a while it was Western Oregon College (WOC).

Yes there are quite a few culinary colleges in Oregon. Some of the main colleges that specialize in culinary arts would be Oregon Coast Culinary Institute, Chef School Culinary Arts Oregon Culinary Institute. As you did not specify what type of arts you specialize in, it is not as helpful.

There are two major universities- Oregon State University and University of Oregon. there are a lot of other smaller colleges and private universities as well

Stanford, Oregon, Florida, UCLA

There are a handful of state schools (U of O, OSU, Southern Oregon, Western Oregon, Eastern Oregon, OIT, Portland State) There are >30 private colleges/universities

There are certainly cheap colleges in Oregon! He could try applying for a community college. Some examples include the Colombia Gorge Community college whose out- of-state tuition is $2628.00 and the Southwestern Oregon Community College whose out-of-state tuition is $2928.00.

25 universities and colleges, 1 community college.

Well, I would recommend finding an online list of all the colleges residing in Oregon at College Stats because they offer a wide variety of databases. They also offer their services for a fee of no charge.

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AnswerWesturn Oregon University, Southern Oregon University, and Sam Houston State are some universitys.

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In the United States there are 28 accredited colleges of veterinary medicine, ranging from Cornell University in New York to The Ohio State University to Oregon State University.

There are many colleges online that offer chemistry courses. Here are a few colleges you can check into if you would like to attend these courses; University of Phoenix, Central Michigan University, Penn State University, and Oregon State University.

Portland International Airport (PDX) is Oregon's chief airport. Connections from PDX can be made through feeder or charter airlines to other, smaller Oregon towns. There are several colleges and universities in the greater Portland metro area. However, the state's two main tax-funded institutions of higher learning, the University of Oregon and Oregon State University, are located up to 123 miles south of Portland, and are best accessed by ground transportation. UO is located in Eugene, Oregon (123 mi.). OSU is located in Corvallis, Oregon (96.3 mi.).

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One can go to a few different Universities and Colleges in Oregon to learn Computer diagnostics as a degree. One can also get a two year degree for much less money.

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In the United States alone there are 28 different colleges of veterinary medicine; three of them are Oregon State University, Oklahoma State University and Ohio State University (OSU, OSU and OSU).

Out of all the Oregon Colleges that one could choose, Blue Mountain community college seems like it would be a good personal choice. A second choice of college could be Chemeketa Community College.

"Apollo College is part of the Carrington Colleges and has locations in many States such as Arizona, Oregon, Washington, etc. It is a private institute."

There are at least 7 colleges that have a beaver for a mascot. They are Oregon State, American River College in Sacramento, Bemidji State University in Minnesota, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Buena Vista University in Iowa.

Corban College in Oregon is a great college with a 13:1 student faculty ratio!

Yes, Oregon My Oregon is the state song for Oregon.

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