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It is Chicago.

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Q: What colony is north to Pennslyvania?
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What colony was the City Of Love in?


What was the Pennslyvania colony like?

way cool

Who founded the colony of pennslyvania as a refuge?

William penn

Which colony was most influenced by Quaker settlements in the 1600s?


Which Middle Colony was established as a religious sanctuary for Quakers?


What state is north of pennslyvania?

New York

Who Founded the colony of Pennslyvania as a refuge for himself and fellow Quakers?

William penn

Which state is just north of pennslyvania?

New York is just north of Pennsylvania.

What is the religion in pennslyvania?

The colony of Virgina had a variety of faiths, but the two main ones were puritan and catholic

Who founded the colony of Pennslyvania?

by William penn that's why it`s Pennsylvania

What colony is north of Georgia?

The colony north of Georgia was South Carolina.

Where is coal found the most in the US?

Coal is mostly found in Pennslyvania, Wyoming, Kentucky, North Dakota, and Virginia.