What color are fire extinguishers in India?

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normally red, but different fires require different extinguishers which will vary in color.
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Who invented the fire extinguisher?

Records show that Ambrose Godfrey patented a fire extinguisher inEngland in 1723 and that George William Manby invented the "modern"extinguisher in 1818. One could also argue that a bucket full of water or sand is also a"fire extinguisher" and was invented about the time people startedliving in hou ( Full Answer )

Do fire extinguisher pins have to be secured to the extinguisher?

Most pins as fastened to the trigger with an easy to break plastic fastener that also holds the inspection tag on the tank or trigger base. This prevents the pin from falling out and the extinguisher from being discharged by accident.

What is in a fire extinguisher?

That depends entirely on what type of extinguisher it is. Air pressurized water extinguishers contain compressed air and water, the former forcing out the latter up through an uptake tube and out the hose. For use at low temperatures, an antifreeze might be added to the water Foam extinguisher ( Full Answer )

What is a fire extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher is a cylindrical metal container which is used to put out fires. It usually contains a foam or vaporizing liquid. The contents are pressurized in order to produce a powerful spray of water, foam or powder to put out a fire. Have you ever realized how important fire extinguis ( Full Answer )

What extinguishes a fire?

The "Fire Triangle" indicates that a fire requires fuel, oxygen andheat to continue burning. Removing any one side will cause thereaction to cease. You can: . Remove the source fuel (turn off gas or oil supply to thefire) . Smother the fire with barriers such as foams, sand (or otherinert materia ( Full Answer )

How do you extinguish a fire?

Generally speaking, we extinguish a fire by removing air (oxygen) so the fire cannot breathe, we remove fuel that is being burned, or we remove thermal energy from the fire so that combustion cannot be sustained. There are a number of different tactics and strategies that firefighters use to suppres ( Full Answer )

How does a fire extinguisher put out a fire?

Fires are extinguished by removing part of the fire triangle (or tetrahedron). All combustion processes require three things to continue. The first is a substance that can be broken down by heat into unstable compounds that will readily react with an oxidizer. The second is sufficient heat to cau ( Full Answer )

What does a fire extinguisher do?

A fire extinguisher puts out a fire by: . cooling the burning material enough that it stops burning, or . excluding oxygen from the burning material so that it cannot continue, or . both

How do fire extinguishers put out fires?

Most CO2, foam and dry chemical fire extinguishers smother the burning material so that it cannot get enough air (oxygen) for the fire to continue to burn. Also, water-type extinguishers cool the burning material enough that there isn't enough heat to support the fire. ___________________________ ( Full Answer )

ABC fire extinguishers extinguish fire by cooling it down?

No, the ABC extinguisher uses a dry powder chemical composition that by its application displace the oxygen required to maintain the ignition process. additionally, since it disperses a fine dense cloud of powder, it coats the intended surface with its compound. This action extinguish the class A an ( Full Answer )

Is there a fire extinguisher color code?

There are several different international codes. The USA has no particular code for the color of the extinguisher, although the labels may include Green Triangle for Class A Red square for Class B Blue Circle for Class C Yellow Star for Class D Black Hexagon for Class K Under British St ( Full Answer )

How are fires put out by fire extinguishers?

depends on the type or class of fire, and the extinguisher. All fires need four things to burn: fuel (wood, gas, fumes), oxygen, heat, and chain reaction. This is appropriately called the fire tetrahedron. Without one piece the tetrahedron collapses and the fire dies. Class A is burning paper, wo ( Full Answer )

What colors are fire extinguishers and what they contain?

Silver is a water can (Class A) or a Class K for grease fryers. Red is ABC extinguishers (multi-purpose) and for CO extinguishers. Yellow is for Class D (flammable metals). As for Fire Extinguisher LABEL colours, that depends on what they contain, which determines which type of fires each type ma ( Full Answer )

What type of fire is extinguished with a 'Class A' fire extinguisher?

Class A fires are fires that leaves behind ash, including wood, paper, foliage, etc. A Class A extinguisher is optimized for this type of fire, but doesn't work as well (or sometimes at all) on class C (chemical and grease, or "boiling" fires) or Class C (electrical) fires. Class D fires (potassi ( Full Answer )

How do you work a fire extinguisher?

remember the acronym PASS P-pull A-aim S-Squeeze S-Sweep which means you pull out the pin, aim at the fire, squeeze the handle, and spray in a sweeping motion

What are the four types of fire extinguishers?

There are more than four classes of fires and an extinguisher for each class. A ABC B BC C D K Within each type there may be multiple additional sub-classes (such as A for water and A for foam). Different TYPES include: Stored-pressure, cartridge-operated, and pump-operated. Obs ( Full Answer )

Can fire extinguishers explode?

apparently, the answer is somehow yes. the fire extinguisher in the basement somehow exploded and the top of it where the trigger thing is went straight through the sheetrock of the ceiling!that had to be one strong strong explosion if it broke through the sheetrock. the question is: what made it e ( Full Answer )

Why do you use water to extinguish fire?

Fire takes 3 things to exist: Oxygen, Fuel, and Heat. If one of those is eliminated, the fire is gone. The point of using water is to cool the place down, therefore eliminating the Heat factor. By the way, that is the reason why you NEVER use water to turn out oil fire. Oil burns at 300 degrees, a ( Full Answer )

Who patented the fire extinguisher in 1872?

The portable fire extinguisher was not invented or patented in 1872. In 1813, British army captain George Manby created the first known portable fire extinguisher: a two-foot-tall copper cylinder that held 3 gallons of water and used compressed air as a propellant. One of the earliest extinguishe ( Full Answer )

Can ghosts be killed by fire extinguisher?

If you are talking about in real life no, they cannot be harmed. If this is real life and you are dealing with a spirit that is making you uncomfortable then go to a church and you can ask them about getting your home "Blessed"

The five types of fire extinguisher?

In the USA, there are five classes of fire extinguishers, one for each class of fire, labeled A, B, C, D, and K.. A- wood, paper, cloth. B- gasoline, paint, oil. C- live electrical systems. D- flammable metals, such as magnesium. K- for kitchen (burning cooking fat).

How was the great Chicago fire extinguished?

After two days, rain began to fall. On the morning of October 10, 1871, the fire died out leaving complete devastation in the heart of the city.

Who should use fire extinguishers?

There is no more important that Who use an extinguisher, but hereis so important that you extinguisher is ok or not, because fireextinguisher is very important for all. I know a site namedhalon.us which buy damaged extinguisher. I think it will help youall.

How do you put out a fire with a fire extinguisher?

Get between the fire and the exit, in case your action is unsuccessful. Select an extinguisher that is proper for the type of fuel. . In particular, do NOT use water extinguishers on a flaming liquid fire or electrical fire. . Pull the locking pin on the fire extinguisher. . Aim the nozzle at ( Full Answer )

Does a fire extinguisher have water?

There are different types of extinguisher materials for different types of fire - some fires can be fought with water, but for other fires the use of water would actually make the fire worse (for example, a fire in pan of oil attacked with water will flash boil the water and blow burning oil all ove ( Full Answer )

Can fire be extinguished by fire?

Yes, it can. Contrary to popular belief and the quote "You can't fight fire withfire", you CAN fight fire with fire.

How a flames get extinguish by a fire extinguisher?

either: . removing oxygen to suffocate the fire; . removing heat to stop further ignition; or . changing the chemical reaction with the fuel But I have one suggestion for for all, That if you have any damagedfire extinguisher then Halon.Us is a best place to sell it.RecentlyI had also sold my ( Full Answer )

What is in fire extinguishers that puts out fire?

Fire extinguishers commonly contain water under pressure, compressed carbon dioxide, foam, or specialized dry chemicals, depending on the type of fire they are designed to put out.

What fire extinguishers is used for what fire?

Class A fire extinguishers - used for fires caused by "ordinary combustibles" aka paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. Class B fire extinguishers - used for fires caused by flammable liquids such as gasoline and oil. Class C fire extinguishers - used for electrical fires Class D fire ex ( Full Answer )

How do you extinguish fire using fire extinguisher?

Hi, Fire extinguisher is very easy to use . Here I mention 3 stepson how to use. step - 1 : Pull the pin - This will allow you to discharge theextinguisher. step - 2 :Squeeze the top handle or lever - This depresses a buttonthat releases the pressurized extinguishing agent in theextinguisher. step- ( Full Answer )

How can fires be extinguished?

Fires are generally extinguished by removing part of the processthat makes them keep going, sometimes called the "firetetrahedron": fuel, oxygen, heat, chemical reaction. For example, putting water on a big fire causes the water to turnto steam, which is a cooling process, removing the heat from th ( Full Answer )

How do fire extinguishers put out fire?

They suffocate it and prevent it from using the oxygen around it toburn. To put it simply: fire extinguishers choke fires, whicheventually die.

How does the fire extinguish?

Fire is initiated through the availability of three factors together: . oxygen (or air) . material that has the ability to be extenguished (wood, cloth, fuel, ...) . the means for setting fire (material friction in dry air, remains of a cigarette, ...) Extinguishinh fire is done mainly through ( Full Answer )

Where should you aim a fire extinguisher stream when extinguishing the fire?

The stream should be aimed directly at the base of the fire. Thiswill extinguish the source of the flame. Aiming it at the flameitself will have little impact. Always use the correct type ofextinguisher for the fire source Class A - fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper ortextiles. Cla ( Full Answer )