What color are mongooses?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: What color are mongooses?
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Why are mongooses endangered?

Mongooses are not endangered.

Are there mongooses in Halo 2?

No, there are no Mongooses in Halo 2.

What is the singular form of mongooses?

The singular of mongooses is mongoose.

Can mongooses be pets?

Yes, Mongooses can be pets.

What is a pack of mongooses called?

A pack of Mongooses is called a Flock.

What do all mongooses have in common?

They are all mammals, they all have tails, they all have the color brown on them and they all eat other animals.

What is the collective noun of mongoose?

The standard collective nouns for mongooses are:A band of mongoosesA curiosity of mongoosesA pack of mongooses

How many mongooses can a mother mongoose have?

up to 5 baby mongooses or more =) "Mongeese"?

What is a group of mongoose called?

A group of mongooses/mongeese is called a troop.

Are mongooses nice?

No . .

Are mongooses agile?


Are there mongooses in Corfu?