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well the choices can vary greatly depending on your personality.I recommend a light brown or white but you could even do crazy patterns such as dots or stripes etc! good luck!

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Q: What color curtains go with a light blue room?
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What color is Bella's curtains?

Her curtains are light blue, you can see it when charlie brings Bella up to her room in the beginning of the movie.

What color goes with green and brown I have striped curtains in this color but i want my room to look bright and cool what color should i make my walls?

Your walls could be light pink or light blue. Hope I helped :)

What color curtains should you do if your walls are light brown and the carpet is cream?

it depends i say do a chocolate brown color or a turquoises blue color so they can really stand out and give the room a finishing touch

What color is Ariana Grande's room?

In an interview, she said that the color of her room is light blue or a pastel color.

Do curtains in living room have to match the dining room curtains?

No, but if you can see from one room into the other, they should complement each other in either color or pattern type.

What color would make the brightest room?

Light Green,Light Blue,etc.(everything Light Colored

What color curtains go with a navy blue room?

Red, white, and blue. Pale yellow, ivory, vanilla, cream. Pale blue, pale gray. Sand, eggshell, rust. Or a blend of ocean colors in a print: light blue, aqua, green, navy. If you have an accent color, you could pick that up in a print along with navy and one of the neutral shades.

What color curtains would go with aqua-ish light blue colored walls?

I would use white or cream colored drapes. It will soften the room, and allow the aqua color of the walls to be the main focus. Then I would use a second color like yellow or orange to use in the accessories.

What color matches with light blue?

Chocolate brown goes well with light blue/baby blue. When used correctly, it can make a room more elegant and classy.

What color curtains would match my living room that has a black carpet and orange walls?

There are a few colors I would recommend for your curtains, some of the colors I would suggest you use for your curtains is: red, baby blue, mahogany, brown, or yellow. These colors would depend on if you want your curtains to stand out or blend in with the scenery.

What do heavy curtains in a room do?


What color are the Simpson's curtains?

The Curtains that we see most often are the ones in the Kitchen. They are yellow, with corn cobs on them. There are also curtains in the living room, but they have never been prominently featured.

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