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If mixing paint or ink, you get red, but why don't you try it and see?

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Q: What color do you get if you mix the color yellow and magenta?
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What colour do you get when you mix magenta and yellow?

A bright orange-ish color.

What color magenta and yellow make?

Magenta and yellow make RED Color

What color do magenta and yellow make?

Magenta and yellow make RED Color

What color do red light and green light form?

Brown. Here's why. Green is a combination of yellow and cyan (aka blue). Red is close to magenta; it is magenta with a little yellow mixed in. Thus green + red is a combination of all three primary colors: magenta, yellow and cyan. The combination would thus lead to a brownish color, since browns are what you tend to get when you mix all three primary colors. Short primer. Magenta, yellow and cyan (blue) are primary colors. Orange is an equal mix of magenta and yellow. Green is an equal mix of yellow and cyan. Red is a mix of orange and magenta.

What colors make magenta?

Magenta is a primary color; you can't mix other colors together to create it. The three true primary colors are: Magenta Cyan Yellow These correspond to the old color wheel designations of Red, Blue and Yellow.

What is the complementary colors of magenta and yellow?

The complimentary color of magenta is green. The complimentary color of yellow is blue. :-)

What colors you need to mix to get midnight blue?

Magenta, yellow, and cyan can be mixed to make any ordinary color. It would be mostly cyan, with some magenta and a little yellow mixed in. Some computer sites will help you find the right mix.

What color is formed when yellow and magenta are mixed together?

You get red. Because Magenta and yellow make red.

What color do you get when you mix green and magenta?


What are the three primary subtractive colors or primary pigments What happens when they mix?

Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. When they mixed it turned into black color.

What are magenta and cyan?

Magenta is a red color with a touch of purple, cyan is blue.

If you mix magenta and yellow what do you get?

An orangey kind of red.