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It would be a dark shade of red, becasue there isn't much red light for it to reflect.

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Q: What color does red look like under magenta light?
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What is color cyan?

Cyan is a light blue color with a subtle hint of green. It looks like the color you see in Swimming Pools. On TV screens and Computer Monitors, it is made with equal parts of green and blue, using RGB hexadecimal code #00FFFF. In printed media, it is one of the four primary ink colors, along with yellow, magenta, and black.

What color appears when you mix purple and red?

Probably magenta-ish...yeah something like that. The combination of the secondary colour purple, with the primary colour red will result in the tertiary colour red-purple, which goes by many names, including magenta.

What color comes up when you mix pink and black together?

With crayons, it looked like a light gray color

What color to combine to get yellow color?

> no yellow is a primary need of mix. > You can't mix anything to get yellow; because yellow is a primary color. First you have to ask whether you are dealing with ADDITIVE colors or SUBTRACTIVE colors. ADDITIVE colors are like colored lights. SUBTRACTIVE colors are like paint. For additive colors, you can make yellow from adding red and green light. Or yellow, being a "spectral" color, means that light of a pure certain wavelength, around 570nm, is itself yellow. For subtractive colors, yellow indeed is a primary, and is the reason that the inks coming from most color printers are NOT red, green or blue, but rather cyan, magenta and yellow (and sometimes black). These are the SUBTRACTIVE primaries. The additive primaries are red, green and blue, which is why LCD screens have RGB pixels (which emit light).

What is the resulting color if red and green are mix?

There are to possible answers to this question... If what you are mixing is light (like the TV/Monitors does)... or if what you are mixing pigments (like inks, crayons, etc)... In the case of light, Red Light and Green Light will give you Yellow Light... (for example when you are working with the RGB system you have to look at it like this... this is called Additive Colors) In the case of inks, (for example the CMYK color model, that will be called Subtractive Colors) The resulting color will be a shade of brown.

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What color does green look like under magenta light?


What does the color of magenta look like?

a light purple

Is magenta a ruby color?

magenta is a pink color. like the dog named magenta on blues clues.

What is the color of magenta?

a shade of green, i think like a bright, light shade a shade of green, i think like a bright, light shade a shade of green, i think like a bright, light shade

What does the color 'magenta' look like?

Magenta is a secondary color comprised of an equal mix of the primaries red and blue. It is also the complementary color of green. Some might refer to magenta as a lilac or fuchsia but I would not be one of them.

What color will Red white and purple produce?

a fuscia or magenta - like color.

What does magenta look like in green light?


What two colors mix together to make magenta?

In technical sense, magenta is a primary color, so you cannot mix anything to get magenta. Most elementary school students are told the primary colors are yellow, red, and blue, but specifically they are yellow, magenta, and cyan.

What are the color names used for color printers?

Most printers, like inkjets, use cyan (a shade of blue), magenta (a shade of red), yellow, and black. Some use extra colors including green, light cyan or light magenta. In addition, sometimes there is a "photo black" for printing images, and another black for printing text.

What color does magenta and black make?

Something pretty muddy... much like caput mortuum

What color magenta and black make?

Something pretty muddy... much like caput mortuum

How many colors does white light consist of?

white is made of 3 colurs: magenta, cyan and yellow (not really called yellow - but it is yellow.. like how cyan is light blue n magenta is pink)