What color eyes will the child have father has brown eyes mother has blue eyes?

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May 14, 2010 4:43PM



50% BLUE

The brown gene is dominant but if it also carries a recessive blue gene then they can have a blue eyes baby


Since brown is a dominant gene and blue is the recessive gene, the child will usually have brown eyes.

My father had brown eyes and my mother had blue eyes. They had three children: two brown eyes and me a blue green or as some call it grey eyed child. Then my brown eyed sister had a child with a blue eyed man and their son had blue eyes. So you really need to check to see if the brown eyed person has a brown or blue eyed parents. If one parent has blue eyes then yes it would be possible to have a blue eyed child. So the answer may lie with the Grandparents of the brown eyed person having the child. Check to see if one has blue eyes. Hope this wasn't to confusing.

You can definitly can have green eyes when one parent has blue eyes and the other has brown. My Mother has brown eyes and my Father has blue eyes and i have green eyes and my twin sister has green eyes and he is definity our father. My brother has blue eyes though.