What color helps remember?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What color helps remember?
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What color helps you remember things you learn?

Yellow catches your attention faster than any other color.

What color text is easiest to remember?

black nuh uh PINK helps you remember wods better.... PINK ROCKS lol jk idk whut color whoever said black is probably rong u remember a word by remembering it A color in the rainbow! xD

Why is it that highlighting helps your memory?

Highlighting in yellow is what helps. This is because yellow is the first color that the brain recognizes. So, when you're trying to remember something, the yellow comes to mind first as a result.

What color is you kidney?

if i remember it has a reddish purplelish color

How is Louis Armstrong is remember?

He is remember by his name and what he was doing and by his color

What color comes after red in the rainbow?

orange remember this roy g biv which means red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. hope this helps

Do people remember things better in color or in black and white?

people remember things better in color because it pops out

Does color affct memory If so how?

There are many ways to remember things, one is by association, if you associate something with a color it will help you remember it.

Does glucose help kids to remember?

glucose does not help kids to remember. But almonds helps kids to remember

How does a Pygmy Marmoset camouflage?

yes its color skin helps it camoflage in the dirt! yes its color skin helps it camoflage in the dirt! yes its color skin helps it camoflage in the dirt! ya ya

Who helps us remember Christmas?


What food helps the brain to remember?

Salmon ! :)