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light brown dark brown and white

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Can you get different colored horses on Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

If you have the Special Edition for the PS2 then there are different colors of horses. If you have the original version for the Gamecube there is only one color of horse.

How can you get a 2 horses in harvest moon wonderful life?

You can not get two horses in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. You can only have one.

How many horses do you get in harvest moon a wonderful life special edition for the playstation 2?

you only get 1, a white one, ginger one or a black one the choice is TOTALLY random. hope i helped :)

Can you get two horses in harvest moon another wonderful life?

No, you can only have one horse.

Why horses are wonderful?

horses are wonderful cause they just are!

What do horses do on FarmVille?

You can harvest horsehair from them.

How do you get horses on minecraft xbox 360 edition?

there are no horses in the 360 edition yet but have been confiremed to be in the next update.

How do horses grow on harvest moon?

in trees

What do horses harvest on FarmVille?

Horse Hair

Will there ever be horses on minecraft pocket edition And anyone know in which update?

There are horses to be rumored coming to the Minecraft pocket edition. The update is unknown.

What are the animals you can ride on Harvest Moon ToT?

Horses and ostriches.

What are the horses names in harvest moon magical melody?


Are there horses in the game Minecraft pocket edition?

No There isn't

Why isn't there horses on pocket edition minecraft?

Pocket edition has later updates, but honestly get a computer, and get the game.

What are the different kinds of 'special' horses on Howrse?

Special horses on howrse are Harlequins, Archimedes, and Fallabellas. Also, Divines are Sleipnirs, the Cowbra, Xanthos, Croesus, and Snows (Ice horses).

Are horses good companions?

Yes, the horse is a wonderful companion. Lots of times doctors will recommend horses as a theropy.

Can you have two horses on harvest moon ds?

No. You will always only have one.

How on harvest moon ds do you put something in your horses saddle and take it out?

In Harvest Moon DS your horses' saddle is like another shipping bin... so you can't take things out once you put them in there.

How are horses calssified?

horses are classified by breeds and colours, that have special names.

How do horses have foals in harvest moon ds?

they don't Whoever told you lied.

What are the 2 color horses in harvest moon sunshine island?

gray and brown

Do sea horses belong to the same family as horses?

No they are not from the same family, sea horses are a special kind of fish, horses are mammals.

When do horses come to minecraft pe?

In Minecraft PE the horses will come soon since the pocket edition will soon get that update.

Does Miley Cyrus have her own horse?

Name: Memphislives: Lives on farm in Nashvilleanimal: horseOther: Is one of seven horses on the Cyrus FarmFeatured Featured in People's Special Edition

What do you call 100 or more horses?

A lot of horses. There's no special name, sorry.