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The Color of Canon SD890 Digital camera is light blue, pale blue.

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The only color that I have found the r707 digital camera in is silver. While it has many picture color options it doesn't seem that the actual camera itself has any other color choices.

one of the most primitive digital cameras is the force released, Nickelodeon camera. This digital camera was released before the technology for jpeg color was properly developed!!

The PowerShot SD1200-IS has many color choices.

Yes, Sony makes a colored green digital camera. The color has nothing to do with being environmentally friendly, but is just colored green. other camera manufacturers like Nikon also offer a green digital camera.

not all canons have color accent. it would be best to go to canon web site choose the camera that you like and check it's specs

It depends upon the Megapixels in your mobile phone camera. If you want good quality photos, it is better to buy a digital camera, since pictures taken with a digital camera have more clarity, and color depth. Also features such as flash, and image stabilization work much better in a digital camera.

A few key differences exist between the Canon 5D camera and the Canon 20D camera. The 20D has more lenses available, is smaller, and shoots images faster. The 5D has all around more and better features and more control over things such as color.

I think it is where you can change it to black and white or sepia or vibrant. I had that on my camera. You can change it on the camera before you take the picture.

Silver or Black, or both together .

Some of the best color digital cameras include the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W330 14.1 MP Digital Camera and the Nikon Coolpix. They are both highly rated.

A digital camera is better, because on 99.99% of digital cameras also have excellent cam-corders whereas a cam-corder is usually just a cam-corder and is only occasionly a camera aswell! Plus when a cam-corder is a camera too, it is not a very good camera. So I would definitely get a digital camera (as an added bonus, cameras come in pretty much whatever color you like!)

burn them onto computers and email them to your friends and family also can change color

A VGA camera is a digital camera that takes images at approximately the same color and resolution level as a VGA monitor (640x480x256 colors). Since this is extremely low quality, it is found on only the cheapest "toy" digital cameras these days.

The best digital camera I would think of that would be in pink would be thePowerShot ELPH 100 HS 12.1-Megapixel Digital Camera and it is only $109.99.

Yes, you can print digital camera photos at home. To do so you need a cord from your digital camera to hook up to the computer, some sort of photo printing software that will allow you to change the size and quality of the photo, as well as a good color printer. Step by step instructions can be found at this good informative website:

All most all brands who carry digital cameras have colored digital cameras. Some of these brands include Nikon, Kodak, Sony, Canon, Kyocera, Panasonic, etc.

Images are created by your Digital camera in a process known as analog to digital conversion. First the image enters the lens, and then is projected on to a surface that maps out the luminosity, and color values in to what is called a descreet grid. This grid is then used to map out the picture elements of your image. These picture elements are known as pixels.

The quality of the sensor, and the camera's software. The lens is a bit of an issue in some cases. Color can be tweaked so during post-processing, that the product coming from the camera is almost a moot point unless you are a professional. Generally speaking, if you have a brand-name camera, there may be variations in color balance, but the data will be there to produce good images regardless.

One of the perfect gifts to give a teenage girl is a pink digital camera. There are so many important times that she will want to capture through digital photography. But a digital camera is also a perfect accessory for a teenage girl. So it's important to buy one that she will be proud to show off, like one that is pink or her favorite color. Also be sure to pick out a camera that can easily upload and transfer images so she can share them on Facebook and with all of her friends.

paint chips, measuring tapes, color wheels, fabric samples, digital camera, drawing tools.

To apply tonal, color, noise reduction, and other adjustments to digital photos To establish raw settings for your digital camera To apply final output sharpening to a photo To create adjustment presets To set the color space, size, depth, and resolution for your photo files To crop and straighten photos To apply masks to hide areas of a photo To synchronize the color settings between your camera and Photoshop

Your phone is creating a 'best fit' digital version of an analogue scene. Digital cameras lose some clarity because the software is limited by the number of colours it can create.

Assuming the question is in reference to digitalcameras:A digital camera works much like a traditional, analog, camera: a lens (typically a complex set of lenses) projects an image of the subject onto a photo-sensitive pane. In traditional cameras, this pane holds the photo-sensitive film material. In digital cameras, the film is replaced with a CCD or CMOS sensor module. This module captures the projection and can be read out with values for color and brightness.

Kodak does make digital cameras that are the color green and will continue to produce them. Kodak is also working to make many environmentally friendly cameras as well and keep up this reputation.

Generally speaking, film has a much better resolution than digital cameras. In fact, if you were to compare good 35mm color film to the "megapixel" rating of digital cameras, film would rate in the area of 24 megapixels. The problem is not with the resolution of the storage media (digital vs. film), but rather the abilities of the cameras themselves. A disposable camera is going to have a disposable lens in it. Lenses have a very big impact on the quality of your photos. So, in short, the disposable camera might have a better resolution, but the digital camera will likely have sharper pictures. The operative word here is disposable. Most of the 'disposables' on the market would be better if they were disposed of before taking pictures.

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