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Planet X was a hypothetical planet which was searched for after the discovery of planet Neptune. `Planet-X` does not exist.

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probably it's atmosphere

The planet Mercury is the color grey, simply because this planet has little to no atmosphere, therefore we just see the rocky surface.

Yellow and brown and orange and purple :D

Neptune is the blue planet in the Solar System. The blue color comes from the methane gas in Neptune's atmosphere.

Venus is reddish brown on the inside of the planet, below the atmosphere. On the outside, it has a smooth blue color. So it is brown and blue.

it is the color cyan and is a water filled atmosphere

No because it has methane in its atmosphere so that is why it has the bluish color.

what is the terrestrial planet that has no atmosphere

No. The planet Mercury does not have an atmosphere.

Ceres is not a planet; it is a dwarf planet. It does not have an atmosphere.

Mainly blue-ish due to the rich methane gas atmosphere.

The only inner planet with no atmosphere is Mercury!

The planet Mercury is gray-brown. It has a very thin atmosphere that does not contribute to its coloring, and therefore all that is seen is its surface.

The small planet of Mercury has almost no atmosphere. If there was ever an atmosphere on that planet, the sun likely burned it off.

The planet that has a very thin atmosphere is Mars.

The planet Mercury has virtually no atmosphere.

it would just be the color of empty space, meaning you could see stars even during daytime.

The green color is the result of the light absorption in methane from the planet atmosphere.

Pluto was a planet which have the atmosphere mostly nitrogen but now Neptune is a planet which is having the atmosphere mostly nitrogen.

Neptune's atmosphere is made up primarily of hydrogen and helium. Some methane also exists in the atmosphere, which is what gives the planet its blue color.

Every planet has an atmosphere, however some planets, such as Mercury have very little atmosphere.

The earth is the largest planet in our atmosphere. Jupiter is the largest planet in out solar system.

No doubt about it. The planet with almost a nonexistent atmosphere is Mercury.

Earth is the only known planet with an oxygenated atmosphere.

So far every planet has an atmosphere... i think.