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What color is a Glass Sponge?


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Glass Sponge is white and clear. Hence the name glass sponge


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it is a sponge that is made out of glass meterial.it's not glass,but it look's like it.

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breadcrumb , grantia , finger sponge , glass sponge, and bath sponge.

Glass sponges are considered the class Hexactinellida.

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Sponges reproduce by having sex with their mate [conjugation] and making baby sponge Eggs that will touch Rock and stay on there for a few weeks until they can move and get their flagellas. Glass sponge does not appear in The Index.

Glass sponges generally live at water depths ranging from 1480 to 3000 ft. (450 to 900 meters).However, there is one species of glass sponge Oopsacas Minuta which has been found at much shallower depths, and there have been other glass sponge species which have been found at much deeper depths.

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You just answered ur own Q

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