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they are brown or grey they may have stripes. by sandy and maria or nany

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How can you tell a male pufferfish from a female pufferfish?

The male pufferfish has a penis and a female pufferfish has a vagina

Are pufferfish poisoners?

yes some pufferfish are poisoners.

When was Mbu pufferfish created?

Mbu pufferfish was created in 1899.

When was Fahaka pufferfish created?

Fahaka pufferfish was created in 1758.

When was Dwarf pufferfish created?

Dwarf pufferfish was created in 1941.

When was Green pufferfish created?

Green pufferfish was created in 1822.

Why are pufferfish called pufferfish?

Pufferfish are callled that because when they feel threatened, they will puff themselves up to look bigger and more intimidating.

Are pufferfish herbivores?

Pufferfish are omnivores, eating both algae and crustaceans.

Is a pufferfish a carnivore herbivore or an omnivore?

are pufferfish carnivores,omnivores,or herbivores

Where does a Pufferfish live?

a pufferfish lives in brackish water when a river and ocean meet

What fish eat pufferfish?

tiger sharks and sea snakes eats pufferfish

Do otters eat pufferfish?

Yes they do eat pufferfish. But oddly, they are not posioned.

Do pufferfish reproduce?

of course they do how do you think they make babies if they didnt there would be no pufferfish.

What color is a porcupine fish?

The color of the porcupine fish can range from olive to brown. This fish has a light underbelly and dark spots cover its entire body. A porcupine fish is a pufferfish.

Are pufferfish supposed to play dead?

Actually, they tend to sleep. You may note their color change when this occurs.

Is a pufferfish bigger than a clownfish?

Yes because a pufferfish puffs really big.

Are pufferfish endangered?

Some species of pufferfish/blowfish are endangered, and some are not. There are about 120 different species.Most pufferfish are not in danger, or have not had enough research done to know. However, these species are different:The Chinese puffer is listed as Critically Endangered because of overfishing.Pufferfish found near Easter Island are endangered because of the destruction of reefs around the island.The redline pufferfish and the dwarf pufferfish are both listed as vulnerable to extinction.

Can humans eat pufferfish?

Humans can eat pufferfish, but not all of it. Fugu, what we know as pufferfish, is a delicacy in Japan. Lisenced resturants that serve pufferfish also specialize in the removal of the fish's deadly poison. If left unremoved the fish could be the last meal for up to thirty adults.

Where do pufferfish migrate?

they dont

What are the pufferfish adaptations?


Can pufferfish bounce?

Yes it can.

Can pufferfish fly?


Can pufferfish be yellow?


Do pufferfish travel?


Are pufferfish fish?

Yes, they are.